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Wedding Planning Advice from Wright + Co


“The role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipating

the needs of their guests.”


One of the most notable things about our clients is that they manage to convey an air of timelessness and modern flair during their weddings. We know their wedding planning is an involved process with their planning and design team. A truly talented planner and design team can elevate any idea a client has into something unique and meaningful.

While you may not be planning your wedding “yet”, it’s not too early to start thinking about your vision. Just how you’ll create an ambiance that suits your personality and feels unique. We’re here to help!

Wright + Co is one of the most cohesive and forward-thinking planning firms we know of, so we thought we’d share some of their wedding planning advice with you.

Thank you, Danielle, for sharing this wisdom with us!

Wedding Planning Advice

I want to avoid “dating” my wedding…

Danielle: One of the best parts about the wedding industry is the constant flow of new and exciting inspiration. Just like fashion or interior design, there are always trends coming and going. This could mean that incorporating certain elements would potentially date your wedding. But instead of worrying about that we believe the emphasis should instead be on the guest experience, as well as your own experience. If you are creating a warm and welcoming environment for guests to let loose and have a great time, your event will no doubt be memorable for years to come. The best moments happen organically when people feel the most at ease.

Hiring a full-service planning and design team, as well as other rockstar vendors to serve as members of your wedding team will ensure all of the logistics come together to set the perfect mood. These professionals can also assist in steering you towards trend-forward options, as well as steer you away from anything that may feel overdone.

Is there anything I should avoid…

Danielle: As forward-thinking designers, we typically steer clear of current trends. Instead, we strive to think outside of the box for our clients. But ultimately this all comes down to our client’s needs, budgets, personalities & expectations. Our rule of thumb is that if it’s something that won’t move the needle when it comes to the overall aesthetic or something that could make people uncomfortable? Just don’t do it.

Where should I incorporate trends in design?

Danielle: We are currently suggesting that streamlined selections take a backseat when it comes to design. Our focus has shifted toward maximalist details. Think pattern play, textural elements, fabrication, and color to create a vibe for grandiose receptions and after-parties. This means no color is too showy and no texture is too bold.

We also believe full wedding weekend celebrations that include personalized activities and additional events are important to the overall experience. Unique offerings for guests such as mixology classes, sailing, and shoppable welcome bag stations. These all elevate the mood of the weekend!

Does any of this really matter?

Danielle: We do want to stress the importance of putting your trust in your wedding vendors and their guidance when it comes to current trends, and trends on the rise. This also comes down to the fact that it’s your wedding weekend! If there is something that feels like a must-have then by all means listen to your heart and go with it!

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Jeff Brummett is a destination wedding photographer known for turning clients’ wedding days into artful stories full of captivating images. A quiet and calm demeanor allows him to draw out emotions and moments from his clients while putting them at ease. His work can be seen in publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES, Style Me Pretty, and more.

If you’d like to view more of Jeff’s work, this wedding perfectly combines a few trends with a timeless aesthetic.


Photos of Wright+Co by Hannah Forsberg.

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