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Prospect House Wedding in Austin, Texas

Prospect House Wedding | Austin Wedding Photographer Jeff Brummett


Ashley and Regina’s Prospect House Wedding in the Texas Hill Country

This tropical, Boho themed Prospect House wedding was full of fun, joyous moments.  These two are such a blast and love being with their people.  The entire wedding day was a relaxed, fun experience.  Ashley and Regina wanted to make sure they had a first look early on.  It was an important moment for them and pretty much relieved any anxiety that might have been in the air.  After that, it was all about celebrating their love for each other and everyone they hold dear.
It was a gorgeous summer day in the Texas Hill Country.  Prospect House features native grasses, wildflowers, and tress all around the premises.  Of course, the well known white altar frame sculpture makes a great backdrop for the hilly views.  It is an unbelievable setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony.  
Of course, it’s pretty hot here in the Summertime.  Therefore, dinner was in the air conditioned comfort of the main hall. There was tropical greenery all over the tables, walls, and ceiling. The floor to ceiling windows kept the inside feeling like outside.  The white walls worked well with the tropical vibes as well.  Once things cooled down, guests mingled outside in the biergarten and breezeway. The music got cranked up and everyone got down on the dance floor.  Ashley and Regina ended the night with a sparkler exit.  What a great day with wonderful people!
Learn more about this wedding straight from the couple:

Ashley & Regina’s Story

We met 14 years ago at a “No pants Dance” in Houston through a mutual friend.  We both went our separate ways for college.  Three years later lived in the same city and were friends with a lot of the same people.  Over the years, we dated other people but maintained a very close friendship.  Then the stars aligned, we were both single and decided to try dating all these years later.  We were together for seven and a half years before we became engaged at our home.  We wanted to take our time with the wedding plans… (as if seven and a half years wasn’t long enough).  We waited another year and a half before actually getting married. 

Prospect House

This was actually an easy choice for us.  Regina found the venue, Prospect House,  while we were just poking around.  A week or so after we got engaged, they were having an open house and we decided to attend.  It was the only place in the Austin area that piqued our interest.  We even thought about eloping if we didn’t love the venue in person.  The two of us wanted a simple space we could customize and make our own.  When we visited Prospect House we knew it was where we had to get married.  We loved the floor to ceiling windows, the simplicity, the white walls, and the shotgun style shape.  We both knew it was the right place for our wedding day. 

The Prospect House Wedding Day Design 

We both wanted the decor to feel clean & modern with a tropical vibe.  The two of us went to Tulum, Mexico a few years back and fell in love with it.  We decided to bring Tulum to Texas!  Regina and I aren’t the type of people who love flowers so we didn’t want them on our wedding day.  Instead, we decided to go GREEN everything!  Our florist, Wild Bunches Floral, brought our tropical / boho chic vibe to life. 

The Wedding Day Wardrobe 

Good thing we had 16 months to plan for this!  Regina had a specific “vibe” she was looking for.  She wanted anti-frou frou, bohemian, and casual enough to wear to the beach.  She only tried on ONE DRESS and had it customized a bit.  Ashley came extra prepared in her normal fashion.  She had two different pairs of white pants, depending on how she felt that day.  It was casual and beachy vibes all the way.

The Wedding Day Photgraphy

This was one of the most important decisions for both of us. At the end of the day the photographs are all you have left years from now.  We looked at a ton of photographers and kept thinking, “these all look the same!”  We even began to worry if we could find the right person.  Both of us wanted a story teller.  Someone who created art and didn’t only snap photos.  Especially with Prospect House as our wedding venue…we knew it had wonderful potential for creating beautiful images.  We came across Jeff Brummett and immediately fell in love with his use of light, his ability to tell a story.  

Ashley and Regina’s Prospect House Wedding Day

prospect house metal building wildflowers wedding dress hanging on metal doorboho wedding dress hanging prospect house austinentrance of prospect house wedding venuebridal suit hat shoes palm tropical wedding boutonnieretropical floral centerpiece green orange

Getting Ready

Chill and low stress was the goal on our wedding day.  While Regina was getting her hair tossed up by a good friend, Ashley was having a dance party next door.  You could say that both of us were ready far faster than anyone else in our rooms!

bride getting hair and makeup donebridal suite wedding prepProspect House tropical wedding austin white venuetropical floral wedding neon sign fernswedding rings gold vintage on palm leafneon wedding sign on white wallbride in red robe reaching for wedding dressboho bride mom zipping up wedding dress mother of bride putting on wedding dressbride in lace wedding dress sitting on leather couch putting on shoesputting green boutonniere on wedding putting green boutonniere on prospect house wedding

The First Look

This was the most exciting part of the day for us.  This moment was super important and something we wanted to experience together alone. 

bride in white wedding suite by metal building bride wedding first look suite dressbrides first look ruction prospect house wedding brides hugging after first look austinbride holding hands and walking by metal wall

The Wedding Ceremony

Ashley’s stepdad  has become the official officiant of our family’s weddings.  We just couldn’t ever imagine anyone else marrying the two of us.  We did not want a “bridal party” but did want to include our immediate family.  The ceremony itself was short, sweet & silly, so everything we wanted!  We didn’t want a traditional ceremony speech with your traditional vows.  Instead, we wrote the ceremony speech together ourselves.  It was much more personal that way and felt very much like “us.” 

prospect house wedding altar palmsprospect house wedding ceremony altar austinbride in white suit walking down aisle with grandmotherbride walking down aisle with father prospect house weddingbride walking down wedding aisle with fatherbride with green bouquet walking down aisle with fatherbride kissing father at handoff wedding ceremonybride in lace dress walking up altar steps prospect house weddingbride in lace dress white suit walking up altar steps prospect house wedding Prospect house wedding altar palm leaves austinprospect house same sex wedding austin prospect house wedding altar steps ceremonyprospect house wedding ceremony summer austin prospect house wedding ceremony austin same sex prospect house wedding ceremony altar bride laughing prospect house wedding ceremony altar ceremony kissprospect house wedding ceremony altar dripping springs bride prospect house wedding ceremony austin kiss prospect House wedding venue dripping springs texas brides holding hands outside prospect House austin wedding venuebrides embracing in wildflowers austin hill country weddingbrides outside prospect house wedding austinbrides walking away to prospect house wedding venue bride in white suit wildflower field austinbrides hugging in wildflower field dripping springs summerbrides in field of wildflowers brides in wildflowers prospect house weddingbrides in yellow flowers on wedding dayprospect house wedding couple kissing in field of flowersprospect house wedding brides neon sign tropical plantsprospect house wedding brides kissing neon sign tropical plantsbrides dancing prospect house weddingprospect house wedding same sex couple austinprospect house wedding hugging dripping springsprospect house wedding holding hands dripping springs

The Wedding Reception

Regina and our caterer (Chris) came up with a super interesting dinner menu.  Regina wanted to stick with the tropical vibe of food mixed with fusion.  We are both all about weird food with unique flavors.  The apps passed around at our cocktail hour were my personal favorite!

prospect house wedding dripping springsprospect house wedding reception tableprospect house wedding tropical reception tableprospect house wedding dripping springs tropical table decorprospect house wedding head table palm leavesprospect house wedding couple tableprospect house wedding palm leaves reception tablesbrides entering reception celebration prospect house weddingbrides entering reception high giving guests at prospect house weddingbrides at prospect house wedding reception tablebrides toasting at prospect house wedding reception tableprospect house wedding desert table palm centerpiece prospect house wedding sunset austin palmsBrides first dance prospect house weddingBrides first dance prospect house wedding reception Bride reception first dance prospect house weddingBride same sex first dance prospect house wedding

The Dance Party

The reception music was also super important to us.  We picked a DJ specifically because he would play the playlist we both put together.  That way we were able to pick all the music for the entire wedding reception.  We wanted to bring our personalities into the reception music.  Neither of us wanted any of the traditional wedding songs.  Almost all our playlist was made up of hip hop music!  It was everything we had dreamed of!

prospect house wedding reception dancing partyprospect house wedding reception dance bridesprospect house wedding reception last danceprospect house wedding reception brides last danceprospect house wedding reception sparkler exitprospect house wedding reception sparkler exit same sexprospect house wedding exit dripping springs

Planner – Blue Moon Events

Ceremony and Reception Venue – Prospect House @prospecthousetx

Florist – Wild Bunches Floral @wbfloral

Caterer – Urban Cowboy Southern Fusion

Video – Moonlit Weddings

Entertainment – Toast Entertainment  

Tropical Prospect House Austin Wediding

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