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Kiran and Leigh – Bespoke Destination Wedding Planning

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I love well designed weddings. I know that seems like an obvious statement, but it’s actually not as common as you’d think. For me, a great wedding design means a couple of things…
First, the design is should be unique. This isn’t just for the sake of being different. It’s because the couple, their family, and their friends are unique and deserve to be properly represented. The wedding should be a reflection of what they hold dear.
Second, the design elements should compliment the location. This is especially true for destination weddings or venues that have lots of character and history. The couple chose their venue for a reason, a good design will bring out what’s great about the location. Similarly, the culture of a destination should be celebrated in a way that still feels true to the couple.
Last, the design should facilitate an incredible experience for the couple and their guests.  It’s not only about looking pretty after all.  Every element should be intentional and play a role in making the wedding unforgettable.  Everything must to be thoughtfully planned with this in mind.
It’s a rare thing to find wedding planners who tick all these boxes, much less excel at each. Kiran and Leigh happen to do just that.  They consistently blow me away with their thoughtful, unique, and stylishly designed events.  They are adept at taking a couple’s vision, and elevating it to a place beyond their wildest dreams.

The Beginning of Kiran and Leigh

Kiran and Leigh is a wedding planning company based in Houston, Texas.  It was founded by friends Chelsea Leigh Wenner and Natalie Kiran Laskowski.  They were inspired by travel and planing unique events all over the world.  “We founded Kiran and Leigh out of a decade long friendship, and a shared passion for design, travel, and beauty.”  Chelsea and Natalie have each enjoyed their own experiences traveling mostly to Mexico, Europe and Asia.  “Through the years, we have worked together on local and destination events that have brought us so much joy.  When the opportunity arose, we believed we could offer something unique and bespoke to our clients – and working with your best friend is the best!”

Kiran and Leigh’s Design Process

Each Kiran and Leigh wedding is tailored to the couples’ personality and style. “We start with inspiration images based on the bride’s aesthetic, the venue/location, and time of year.  Design is a process that we build upon.  It requires the trust of your team, and collaboration with all creative partners to land on that final product.  We are always saving ideas and concepts.  We gather them from our travels, Instagram, and magazines to bring to our events.  There is inspiration everywhere!”
Traveling to different parts of the world can be one of the best ways to find inspiration.  Experiencing new cultures, appreciating the fashion, and seeing the way people live can give unique ideas on how to make your event stand out.  “We are inspired by our clients, the location, the venue, travel, interiors, and the culture of the destination.  The location has a major role in the design of the event.  We have to consider indoor/outdoor elements, cultures, lighting, venue restrictions, and guest experience.”

Destination Wedding Focus

With so many wedding destinations to choose from, it can be challenging for couples to narrow down their top choice.  Hiring a planner with extensive knowledge of not only planning events, but traveling to various countries is imperative to planning a great destination wedding.  “Communication is key on destination events for a seamless wedding weekend!  Our goal is to provide a memorable experience for our clients and their guests!  In order to do so, site visits are necessary to experience and explore the location, routes, and test logistics.  Of course, we also taste the cocktails to ensure your guests have the very best! Europe and Mexico are at the top of our list!  Our wish list is constantly evolving, but we love a boat day, so a party on a yacht in the Mediterranean would be on our bucket list.”

Kiran and Leigh Couples 

Chelsea has a great, calming demeanor and sense of style that couples gravitate towards.  She looks forward to forming personal connections with her clients.  That way she can curate an event that reflects the personality of each couple.  Natalie has an inviting personality and a strong work ethic that attracts friendly, adventurous couples.  “We are so lucky to be friends with many of our past clients! Our ideal client is someone we can stay in touch with, and continue working together, many years after the wedding.”
Be sure to check out Kiran and Leigh’s amazing work on their website and Instagram.

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