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Ivory and Vine Event Company’s Karli Spangler

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I want to introduce you to one of my favorite wedding professionals. Karli Spangler is the creative owner and director of Ivory and Vine Event Co. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and golden retriever, Gary. Besides designing stunning weddings, Karli loves reading, cooking, family, traveling, and being outdoors.
Karli’s work stands out because of the intentionality and care she puts into each event she plans. There’s an air of personalized elegance to her designs. You can see the love and attention to detail in every Ivory and Vine Event Co. Wedding.

Ivory and Vine Event Co.

Ivory and Vine Event Co. is a boutique wedding planning and design firm. Based in Texas and Colorado, Karli only takes a few select wedding per year. That way she can devote plenty of time to each of her clients. She specializes in planning intentionally designed events for couples around the world.
For Karli, everything begins and ends with the marriage itself. The couples story and relationship is always the focus. That way, the planning becomes more intentional and helps create a unique experience for the couple and their guests.
A talented Wedding Planner is a must when it comes to having a great wedding experience. A big part of that is helping you find the right vendor team to bring your vision to life. It’s important to find vendors who fit your personality and style. This can be a daunting task and a considerable amount of work. That’s where Ivory and Vine Event Co. comes in.

Karli’s Background

Karli founded Ivory and Vine six years ago, but planning has always been a part of her life. In college, she was on the executive board of her sorority at Texas Christian University, and planned all the events for her chapter. One of her sorority sisters recognized her talent for organizing large events. She introduced Karli to the idea of wedding planning, and that’s where her career began.
Karli began working for a planner in Dallas who specialized in extravagant Indian weddings. The guest count would be 800 people or more and would last for two or three days. She also worked at a marketing agency in Dallas, where she embraced her talent for organizing large-scale events. Planning million dollar corporate events gave Karli the experience she needed to start her own business.

Finding Her Niche

Karli wanted Ivory and Vine Event Co. to attract couples looking to infuse their wedding day with their personalities. She always asks, “What is the goal of the event and how do we achieve that in a creative way?” This keeps couples thinking about small personal details. These make a big difference in the design of their wedding. Couples can reference where first met, a favorite travel spot, family, or anything else of significance. This makes guests feel that they are experiencing something intimate and personal.
Weddings planned and designed by Karli are unique but all have the thread of Karli’s personal touch. Some of her biggest inspiration comes from travel, fashion, and high-end hotels around the world. Traveling influences the way Karli thinks about elevating each event. For example, She loves the abundant natural florals of Italy. Simplistic, elegant Scandinavian style is a favorite for Karli’s events in the mountains. It compliments the grand natural landscapes of her home state of Colorado. Destination weddings are also a great way to find incorporate food, art, and culture into the wedding. Embracing the cultural elements of your location can elevate the experience even more.

Logistics vs. Style

Atmosphere is one of the most important elements of a spectacular event. “I think about what would make me uncomfortable if I was a guest at this wedding, or what I would notice. Where are the gaps?” says Karli. Even in her personal life, Karli always notices “when the vibe is off.” Are the tables too big? Does the music match the style of the restaurant? Is the décor elevating the space? The smallest details can make a huge difference.
Talent for style and design have been a natural evolution for Karli. The logistics of planning events can be a monumental learning process, but style can’t be copied. “A wedding planner and designer is a very different thing. Not all planners are designers. I love the creative side of design, so it felt very natural for me to do both.

The logistics piece, to some extent, can be taught. I think style and having an eye for design is something that you either have or you don’t have. You can try to emulate cool designs or copy something you see on the internet. But after a while you can get stuck doing the same things and there’s a lack of creativity,” Karli says. Finding a planner who is also a designer can be very helpful for couples who don’t know where to begin or how to describe their vision.

Learn more at Karli’s website:
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