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Summer in the City

I met up with Kelsey and John on a gloomy late Summer day in Manhattan.  Like many New Yorkers, these two are not native to the area. Of course, transplants are what makes the city what it is.  Everyone brings their own culture, ideas, dreams, and style to the melting pot.  Kelsey and John are no different.  They have made New York City their home and love it as much as any longtime residents.  We wanted to celebrate their time here in one of my favorite parts of the city.  Kelsey is a blogger who loves to write about her life here.  She was kind enough to elaborate on their Greenwich Village engagement:

Kelsey and John

John and I have known each other for some time now.  But there’s always something romantic about being in photos together.  Luckily, he makes me laugh and feel comfortable, so the smile in the photos never feels forced or coerced.  But then again – I could say the same thing about Jeff.  He made us laugh, and made us feel comfortable, so our smiles were never forced or coerced. 

Washington Square Park

It was an overcast day in New York City’s Greenwich Village neighborhood.  I’m always in awe of the quaint restaurants, galleries, and architecture here.  We started at the iconic Washington Square Arch.  It makes you feel like you’re in a movie the second you are photographed in front of it.  Jeff was so great about navigating around the crowds, locals and tourists alike.  We had fun taking a stroll through the park as if we were falling in love all over again.

Washington Square Park Arch from behind trees details of Washington Arch in NYCCouple holding hands in park couple laughing and holding hands in park couple leaning on concrete monument in parkCouple holding hands walking in washington square park Couple holding hands walking in washington square park greenwich village engagement child sitting on fountain ledge washington square park

For the first part of this Greenwich Village engagement, we were sure to dress in chic attire. John was in a blue suit and I wore a rose jumpsuit.  The colors are classic for pretty much any time of the year.  But they felt appropriate as we met for our photoshoot as summer was turning to fall.  A mix of posh and comfortable were what we were going for.  After all, we spend a lot of time in sweats on our couch, so we didn’t want to look too stuffy for our photos.

couple embracing in greenwich village engagement couple kissing in greenwich village park couple embracing under Washington Arch greenwich village engagement Social media blogger having photo taken in washington square park fountain new york city couple sitting by Washington square park fountain in NYC couple sitting by Washington square park fountain greenwich village NYC hot dog vendor and stand in new york city park couple sitting by Washington square park fountain greenwich village engagement pigeon walking on concretecouple standing in front of Washington square park fountain and arch in greenwich village engagement couple standing in front of Washington square park fountain and arch man on bike stopped at new york city intersection

Greenwich Village

As we ventured from the arch further into Greenwich, we stumbled upon cafes and bars.  They begged you to enter with their twinkling lights and eclectic decor.  We passed doorstep after doorstep of beautiful brownstones.  Each with brightly-painted doors and inviting lanterns.  The stoops were decorated with pumpkins and greenery.  As the rain started to fall, we dodged the puddles on the cracked sidewalk.

Cornelia street sign greenwich village NYC Taylor Swiftboy in green shirt riding scooter down cornelia street in new york city man sitting with girl on red bench in front of Greenwich Village cafe New York man sitting with girl on red bench during Greenwich Village engagement mans hand on wife's hand man sitting with girl on a red bench for Greenwich Village engagement orange cat laying on back in new york city window greenwich city Cornelia street

It was during this walk we shifted into our casual attire.  If I’m being honest, this is more John and I anyway.  We are a couple who loves fries and beer.  Therefor, walking around in a leather jacket and denim shirt felt completely authentic.  Jeff was so great with encouraging us to pick two different outfits.  The contrast in the mood and attire adds a beautiful shift.  We wandered the Manhattan streets looking for a place to pop into post-photoshoot.  Delectable Italian cuisine (and no, that doesn’t rule out a slice of pizza) is always a favorite here. 

Couple walking down NYC street holding handsman kissing girls head on West village street new york couple holding hands walking down street in Greenwich village engagement couple holding umbrella in front of Bleeker Farms flower shop New York

Evening in the West Village

If you’ve never been to the Greenwich Village area, I recommend visiting the hour around dusk.  Jeff knew how to capture us as we explored this charming part of the city.  Half laughing at each other, half wondering how we could move into one of these brownstones.  (I mean, the ‘Friends’ apartment is here, what more could you ask for?!)

Man and woman embracing under street light green door sidewalkMan and woman embracing in front of green door sidewalk in greenwich city as man runs by blue bicycle frame chained to street sign new york city sidewalk man hugging woman under orange string lights in Greenwich City engagementman hugging woman under orange string lights couple walking on sidewalk holding clear umbrella in Greenwich Village engagement couple walking in front of friends apartment building greenwich village engagement couple sitting on brownstone stoop in greenwich village engagement man kissing girls cheek while sitting on steps couple embracing under sidewalk overhang new york city street couple embracing and holding umbrella under street light Greenwich Village Engagementman and woman embracing holding umbrella under street light new york Greenwich Village Engagement

If you do come to this area of town, come without a list.  Come with friends and empty bellies and find your way into a bar, cafe or restaurant that speaks to you.  You may stumble upon a new favorite gem.  All because a talented photographer guided you down the narrow, one way roads of lower Manhattan

New York City World Trade Center downtown manhattan at night skyline New York City cityscape at night buildings

Your NYC Wedding Photographer

Washington Square Park and Greenwich Village is one of my favorite neighborhoods in all of New York City.  It’s one of many amazing places the City has to explore.
Thinking about engagements or a New York City wedding? I’d love to talk about being capturing your amazing day. Find out more about me or reach out!

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  1. Lucy says:

    These are so elegant and simple and beautiful! I love how you interspersed photos of the couple with photos of the surroundings. That really helps give off the feeling of New York City. 🙂 I was just there last week, and you’ve got me wanting to go back already!

  2. Christine Dopp says:

    New york city is such a rad city to shoot in!!!

  3. How amazing! These make me want to visit New York City. My favorites are the ones where you framed the couple with people walking by, especially in black & white. Gorgeous!

  4. I’m so in love with these!! You photographed life in greenwich village so well. Seriously, these photos are unreal!!

  5. Aimee Flynn says:

    Oh man, these are great. They just *feel* like New York. They are elegant and awesome.

  6. Raini says:

    Oh wow, so much style! Looks like a fab time exploring the city.

  7. Melissa says:

    Jeff! These are gorgeous! I’ll have to get you connected with some of my New York City friends! Also I don’t know what’s happening with the cat, in the window? But I am living for it!!!

  8. Heather Huie says:

    Hey! Fellow NYC photog here 🙂 These Greenwich Village pics are gorgeous

  9. Ahhh NYC is on my list to go back to! Love this!

  10. kate h says:


    The cat! The pigeon! The location! You have clearly thought about the mix of black and white and colour, and it makes me really want to visit NYC too!

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