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Bridal Portraits After Dark in Fort Worth

Nighttime Bridal Portraits | Fort Worth Wedding Photographer


These bridal portraits happened pretty organically.  We were planning on shooting these at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum in gorgeous golden hour light.  However, Lauren got her makeup and hair done in Dallas and her appointment ran late.  That meant she had to try to make it all the way across DFW in Friday afternoon traffic.  Needless to say she did not make it until the light was almost gone.  

Since I had been expecting to shoot with the sun out, I didn’t bring any flashes or lighting equipment.  We got a few quick shots in front of the museum and then headed to a local parking garage.  I knew I could use the lights there and hoped we could get some interesting images.  Lauren was so awesome and handled everything wonderfully!  I think we ended up with some memorable bridal portraits that are unique and just as beautiful as they would have been in the light of day.

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This bridal photoshoot turned out to be a wonderful experience despite the change in plans.  If you are thinking of getting married in Dallas – Fort Worth or anywhere else, learn about me and please say hi.  I would love the opportunity to connect with you and tell your story!



Florals – Petals Couture

Dress – Bridal Boutique Lewisville

Hair & Make Up – The Styling Stewardesses

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  1. this is fantastic and I love parking garages too for sessions.

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