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The Best Italy Wedding Venues

The Best Italy Wedding Venues | Destination Wedding Photographer Jeff Brummett


Assisi Perugia, Italy town on green hill in front of mountains blue sky in TuscanyAssisi – Tuscany, Italy

Italy is the most magical destination for weddings on earth.  The country is an incredible mix of natural and man made beauty.  Italian culture is steeped in delicious food, history, and art.  Most importantly, the people exude a warmth that is unlike anywhere else.  A destination wedding in Italy is something you will never forget.

facade of orange two story home in Burano Italy with line of laundry hangingBurano – Veneto, Italy

Italy is the perfect destination for an unforgettable wedding or elopement.  The country has something for everyone.  From sunny beaches, to the snow capped mountains. Charming villages, and lush vineyards.  There is no shortage of beautiful backdrops for your wedding day.  Not only that, Italy is a place your family and friends will jump at the chance to visit.

Pitigliano Tuscany Italy hill town medieval walled sunset landscapePitigliano, Italy

Italy’s Best Wedding Venues

What region of Italy is right for your wedding?  Are you looking to get married with an ocean view? Maybe a dramatic mountain landscape?  What about a castle surrounded by vineyards?  Almost anything is possible in Italy.  This country has so many hidden gems in addition to iconic locals.  Narrowing down your wedding venue wish list starts with the vision you have for the day.  So let’s find out what area works best for you.

Amalfi Coast Best Italy Wedding venues blue ocean green mountains village on beachPositano – Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a luxurious and fashionable wedding destination.  The entire area’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The coast is home to several towns that straddle the sea and the mountains.  Each one has its own charms but Amalfi, Ravello, and especially Positano are the most popular.  These towns are built right on the sides of hills overlooking the beach and water.  As a result, scenic views are often at the center of the areas wedding venues.


Amalfi Coast Wedding Venues

Capri island meeting blue sea italy best wedding venue destination aerial landscapeMarina Grande – Capri, Italy


Capri is an idyllic island off the Gulf of Naples.  It’s known for high sea cliffs and blue waters, oh and Capri pants (though I don’t recommend those for your wedding).  The wedding venues here are all about the sea views.  Almost every one comes with a sweeping panoramic backdrop.  For those not afraid to rock the boat, a ceremony at sea is always an option as well.  It’s a great alternative for those eloping or with more a smaller guest list.


Capri Wedding Venues

Bride in wedding dress holding bouquet standing by lake Como shoreRelais Villa Vittoria – Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como and the Lake District

Italy’s Lake District is another wonderful choice for couples wanting a luxurious destination.  Lake Como, has the most (and best) wedding venue options around.  It was even named the most beautiful lake on earth.

Lake Como is a favorite getaway for the rich and famous.  Many celebs have said “I do” on Como’s shores.  But there is plenty of room for more modest, but no less gorgeous weddings.  There are many great villas and hotels that can host intimate gatherings.  They share the same iconic views and shoreline as their large neighbors.  The Lake itself is also open to all.  Getting in a wooden boat, in your wedding day best is a must; you will be sure to come away with unforgettable images.


Como and Lake District Wedding Venues

Villa Orlando
Isola Del Garda
Villa d’Este
Grand Hotel Tremezzo
Villa del Balbianello
Relais Villa Vittoria
Villa Regina Teodolinda
Villa Pliniana
Mandarin Oriental
Villa Passalacqua
Villa Del Sogno
Il Sereno Hotel
Villa Serbelloni
Villa Crespi

Dolomite Italy mountains rise above green village valley Sunset – Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomites

Are you part of a couple who loves outdoor adventure?  The Dolomites might be the perfect place to host your destination wedding.  The look and feel of this area is unlike anywhere else in Italy.  It’s another UNESCO World Heritage Site (and not the last on this list).  The venues here have is a more rustic vibe that matches the landscape.  That doesn’t mean this region is in any way a less spectacular destination.  There is so much for you and your guests to do and see.  Hiking, skiing, and rock climbing are favorite past times.  It’s also the most amazing place for a snowy winter wedding.


Dolomites Wedding Venues

Florence church dome and city landscape at sunset best italy wedding venuesCathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore – Florence, Italy


The capital and largest city in Tuscany is Florence.  This region has become known as the most romantic places in all Italy.  Florence is a great jumping off point for exploring the vineyards and countryside.  The city itself has more than enough to keep every wedding guest happy.  Florence is home to world class history, food, and architecture.

This was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and you see it everywhere you look.  The old town center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It’s considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is very walkable.  Many of the best wedding venues in Italy are within a short drive of Florence.  It’s a great home base for your Italian destination wedding dreams.


Milan cathedral front against blue sky and clouds Milano Italy Milano Cathedral – Milan, Italy


This is not known as the most romantic of Italian cities, but there is plenty to love about Milan.  The second largest city in Italy is home to some of Europes best hotels, restaurants, and museums.  Milan is easy to access for guests coming from almost anywhere.  It may be short on natural beauty, but the Lake District is only a half hour train ride away.

Milan itself has more of a modern feel than the rest of the country.  There is still enough old world charm to lure in your guests.  The best place for this is in the city center, home to the Milan Cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.  Photos at these enchanting locations are a wedding day necessity!


Milan Wedding Venues

Portofino Italy small village on blue ocean bay with white yachts dockedItalian Riviera – Portofino, Italy


This alluring fishing village is located in the heart of the Italian Riviera.  Portofino is known for its picturesque small harbor and colorful buildings.  The town sits down the coastline from Genoa.  Portofino has the feel of an upscale destination, yachts and sailboats dot the harbor.  Despite this, the town retains much of the fishing village charm that it became known for.


Portofino Wedding Venues

Puglia city white buildings Italy wedding venues landscape blue sky beachPuglia, Italy


The “heel of the boot” is unlike any other area of Italy.  It’s the hottest and driest part of the country.  The arid landscapes lead right up to the blue Adriatic Sea.  The scenery here is shades of brown and white.  While it may not be the most colorful parts of Italy, it is one of the most culturally rich.

Puglia’s mix of medieval and baroque architecture is unlike anywhere else.  Many towns feature stone towers and walls along side lavish cathedrals.  Greek influences and similarities are present in this region as well.  This makes for a distinctive backdrop for weddings and photos.  It also comes without the hordes of tourist that so often clog the rest of Italy.  The coast has lots of great beach side towns and luxurious resorts to discover. Puglia is another great option for your destination Italy wedding.


Rome Italy black and white domes skyline landscape best wedding venuesRome, Italy


Italy’s largest and best known city is Rome.  People come here for the history, culture, and urban hustle and bustle.  It’s not hard to find amazing backdrops here.  You might consider a sunrise session while in Rome to capture some photos with less crowds.  Of course, on your wedding day, it’s best to embrace the hectic city if you venture out in it.


Sardinia blue ocean landscape Italy wedding venuesSardinia, Italy


The second largest island in Italy, Sardinia should not be overlooked.  It sits off the West Coast of the Italian mainland.  Sardinia is home to rocky coasts and idyllic sandy beaches. This is where you’ll find most of the best wedding venues, but the island also host a wide variety of landscapes, worthy of exploration.  Mountains, forests, plains, and lakes are all found on Sardinia.  There is more than nature to love about the island; many upscale resorts and charming towns call Sardinia home.  If you have a large guest list, there are plenty of places for your guests to stay.


Sicily Italy Town overlooking volcano blue skyMount Etna seen from Taormina, Sicily



At the center of the Mediterranean is Sicily.  This large island has been ruled by many civilizations over the years; the cultural mix can be seen all across the island.  Sicily’s art and architecture is a mix Greek, Byzantine, French, and Italian.  The island is Palermo, the capital city, and has plenty to see and do. But Syracuse may be the best urban experience on the island.  For seaside weddings and a more relaxed, resort feel, Taormina is a great choice.


Sienna skyline landscape Tuscany best Italy wedding venuesSiena, Italy


One of the most charming towns in all Italy is Siena.  It’s sometimes thought of as the little brother of its Tuscan neighbor Florence, but don’t discount this gorgeous stone city.  Siena packs a lot of history, culture, and beauty into a small package.  The streets here are all very walkable and less crowded than bigger cities.

Sienna sits on a hill in the middle of Tuscany.  This location makes it one of Italy’s most striking cityscapes.  It all comes with the amazing food and drink the area is best known for.  Many of the best wedding venues are outside the city.  The rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside are home to incredible “I do” destinations.  Some are big enough for your entire guest list to stay at.  If not, make Siena your home base and enjoy the scenic drive to your dream wedding venue.


blue gondolas in Venice Grande Canal at sunset ItalyGrand Canal – Venice, Italy



Venice is possibly the most romantic city on earth.  It’s also a place all your guests will jump at the chance to visit.  Consider planning your Venice wedding during off season. It’s much easier to enjoy the lagoon with less visitors.  Summertime is the high season, and it also gets hot; that’s not a great combination for you or your wedding guests.

Venice is a great place for any kind of wedding.  You can have a large event at a luxury hotel, or an intimate elopement on a boat at sunset.  For a photographer, this is a dream destination.  There are so many options for stunning backdrops: gondolas, boats, bridges, piazzas, towers, cathedrals, ocean, palaces, and more…All on this little cluster of islands.


Venice Wedding Venues

Grand Hotel Tremezzo yellow italian building on the shore of Lake Como Italy Wedding VenuesGrand Hotel Tremezzo – Lake Como, Italy


Capturing Your Italian Wedding 

Planning a destination engagement or wedding?  I’d love to be there and capture every moment from arrival to departure.  We want you to feel that you’re with a friend.  I’ll help guide you when needed, but also step back and document the day as if you were the only two on earth.  Get in touch now to and let’s start the adventure.

Punta San Vigilio, Garda, Italy on lake shore at sunsetLocanda San Vigilio – Lake Garda, Italy


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