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Tips For Great Photos With Your Dog

Photos with your four legged family members

If you are like me, your dogs are family.  They have been a part of our engagement, family, and holiday photos over the years.  Additionally, I’ve photographed many couples with their pups over the years.  The process can be a great experience or a big headache.  It all depends on how prepared you are.  The tips listed below can make all the difference when taking photos with your dog.

girl in white robe on bed white fluffy smiling at Dallas Arboretum Wedding photos with your dog

Get Your Dog Cleaned Up

You want to look your best when having photos taken.  The same goes for your dog.  Bath time can be a chore but it’s worth it.  We don’t want dirty paw prints on your outfit after all.

Have A Designated Dog Handler

Bringing along someone to help out is very helpful.  If possible, ask someone who your dog already knows and likes.  A close friend or parent usually works great.  They can help out in several ways.
  • Handling the dog when not in the photos.
  • Carrying supplies like toys, treats, and water.
  • Keeping the dog focused and out of trouble.

Get Energy Out Before The Photoshoot

One of the most common issues I see is hyper dogs.  Often times, the dog has not had a chance to play that day.  The result is a dog that has a very hard time focusing and staying still.  The easiest fix is to make sure your dog gets lots of exercise before the photoshoot. Take them to the dog park or go for a long run that day. Plan to bath them after play time if they tend to get dirty.

Bring A Pretty Leash And Collar

You dress up for your engagement or wedding photos and so should your dog.  Get them a nice collar and leash.  Best case, we can leave off the leash for some photos.  But if when we need it, it should look like it belongs.  I love a classic leather collar and leash combo, but there are lots of good options out there.

Don’t Forget The Supplies

There are several supplies that can be a big help.  A squeaky toy can help focus your dogs attention.  Treats are great for focusing and doing tasks like sitting.  You can even include some treats that help with relaxation.  Water is always important too, especially if it’s hot.


Let’s Get started

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