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The Cove Eleuthera Wedding Venue | Bahamas

The Cove Eleuthera Wedding Venue | Destination Wedding Photographer Jeff Brummett


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Eleuthera, Bahamas

The perfect Caribbean wedding destination is The Cove on Eleuthera Island, Bahamas.  The secluded resort lies far away from the busy tourist areas of the Caribbean.  At the same time, it’s only a very short plane ride from the US mainland.  The small size of the island and the property results in an intimate feel.  While relaxing is the main activity, there is also plenty to see and do.  Guests will jump at the chance to come to The Cove and celebrate with you.  Who wouldn’t like a good excuse to come party in paradise?


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The Cove, Eleuthera | Bahamas Resort

The Cove Eleuthera is a world class tropical resort destination.  At only 55 rooms, you’ll feel like your guests have the run of the place.  The staff is adept at making everyone feel at home. There is a wonderful restaurant and open air bar overlooking the ocean.  It’s all steps from your room.  Many lose their shoes after arriving and don’t find them until time to leave. Walk right down to one of two sandy beaches.  Take a dip in the crsytal clear water.  Or, if that isn’t enough, there is also a spa and bevy of activities to dive into.


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The Beaches

There are two incredible private beaches to choose from at The Cove.  Only a few yards from each other, both have their charms. The western cove beach has gentle waves and great cliffs for jumping. The eastern cove beach has almost still water that is crystal clear. This side gets the majority of the action because of the calm waters.  There’s never a crowd at either beach and plenty of room to stretch your legs. Beach chairs and umbrellas are always close by. 
Surrounding the cove beaches are rocky outcroppings. These give an elevated view of both coves and the ocean beyond. In fact, almost the entire property has wonderful ocean views.


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Eleuthera Island

The island of Eleuthera feels like a world unto itself.  Only fifty miles east of Nassau, it almost feels deserted.  In reality, Eleuthera has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Though the island is 115 miles long, it’s widest point is only 1 mile. It’s a mecca for pineapple farming and wildlife study. In fact, Eleuthera was named as the “Best Secret Island on Earth” by Travel + Leisure Magazine.


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Things To Do At The Cove Eleuthera

There are outdoor activities for all your guests to enjoy. No matter the interest or activeness level, it’s all here.  The Cove offers plenty to do without leaving the resort.  The highlight is the two private cove beaches.  This property has more earthly delights as well though.  The Cove’s infinity swimming pool overlooks the ocean.  It’s right next to the bar and restaurant, so grab a cocktail and enjoy the view. 
The Cove also offers complimentary activities like:
Paddle boarding
Sunset Yoga
Fitness Center

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Eleuthera Excursions

In addition to what The Cove has to offer on site, there are many great excursions elsewhere on the island.  A few great ideas include:
A guided private boat excursion around the island.  This can include snorkeling, fishing, and an island tour.  You can even get off Eleuthera and visit other Bahama favorites like pig island.  Who doesn’t want to swim with pigs in paradise?  On land, you can explore the island’s pineapple culture on electric bicycles.  Visit beaches on horseback and find a new favorite landscape to photograph.  Eluthera also has so many opportunities for stunning wildlife encounters.  Anchialine Ponds are all over the island.  They are not directly connected to the ocean but are home to some very unique sea creatures.  The Cove is fantastic at creating personalized experiences just for you.

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The Cove Eleuthera Destination Wedding Experience

The wedding experience offered at The Cove Eleuthera is unforgettable.  The property is great for bringing your own vision to life.  There are lots of opportunities to get creative.  Using fashion and floral design is one of the best ways to make the day your own.
Eloping at The Cove is always special as well.  There are so many amazing places on the island to have a super intimate elopement ceremony.  Explore the most adventurous areas of Eleuthera with only your photographer.  You’ll have unbelievable images to cherish forever.  One things is always true at The Cove, your time will be well spent.

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Welcome Dinner

The Welcome (or rehearsal) dinner is a perfect way to start off a destination wedding weekend.  It lets you and your guest get aquatinted and meet new faces.  The most popular option at The Cove Eleuthera is having the dinner right on the beach!  It’s really hard to beat such a breathtaking start to your wedding experience.


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The Wedding Day

Getting ready for your wedding has never been more stress free.  Wake up in your luxurious room looking out on the sea.  Order breakfast or maybe take a dip in your private pool.  Then, get ready right in your room, steps from the beach.  Since everything is in one place, there is no stressing about travel or schedules.  The staff will help get everything ready and set up just right.


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The Wedding Ceremony

The narrow strip of land extending between the two coves is called “The Point.”  It feels like it was made for an intimate wedding ceremony.  You’ll get to exchange vows perched above the ocean on three sides.  The Point faces west so you can also add a spectacular sunset into the mix.  The ceremony can be as minimal or extravegant as you like.  You can go full black tie or beach casual.  Either way, it will be unforgettable.


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The Cove Eleuthera resort wedding reception cocktail hour overlooking beach and ocean

The Wedding Reception

The transition into your wedding reception is a smooth one at The Cove.  Right off of the ceremony point is an amazing overlook area with bar.  It’s a perfect spot for cocktail hour and right on the way to the reception dinner.  Catch your breath, take in the congratulations, and have a cocktail while the sun sets over the ocean.

The poolside area is a great place for your reception dinner and dance floor. There is plenty of room for everyone and you’ll still have those great views. The pool usually becomes a focal point as the night goes on and the drinks keep flowing. It’s not unheard of to have the bride and groom take part once the formalities are all done.


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Your Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination weddings are about making lasting memories.  Sharing the experience with family and friends makes it all the more special.  This time is so special.  I am passionate about capturing these moments.  As your photographer, it’s always my goal to be present, yet non intrusive.  I’ll create images that last long after the experience is over.  Whether at The Cove or another idyllic destination, I’m excited to get started on our journey.  Please take a moment to learn more about me and my process, then get in touch.


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