Jeff Brummett

Conlee and Forrest met in Austin when she was working at the hotel he was staying at. During that first exchange, Forrest invited Conlee to the wedding he was in the following night. She politely declined, as she had to work. An hour later, after feeling somewhat embarrassed at his initial lack of ‘game,’ he came back to her desk. Forrest: “Conlee, I have an issue with my wifi password.” Conlee: “I'm sorry, let me see if I wrote it down wrong.” Forrest: “No, I have all these numbers, but none of them are yours.” Yes, she was completely caught off guard and yes, it worked. When her shift ended, Conlee saw Forrest had texted and invited her to the rehearsal dinner that evening. Boldly, she accepted his invitation.

Fall Garden Wedding In Austin, Texas