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Meet Pop Parties Wedding Planner Molly Rasmussen

Molly and Pop Parties Weddings

Pop Parties has set itself apart from the rest of the Dallas wedding community.  They have become known for their incredible creativity and crazy fun events.  It’s all a reflection of owner and lead planner Molly Rasmussen.  Many wedding planners have a specific visual style that defines them. Molly’s style goes beyond this.  Every part of her process is done with the entire experience in mind. Each aspect of the day adds to the overarching feel of the event.

She isn’t intimidated by outside the box ideas either.  In fact, Molly embraces the challenge of being different and pushing design convention.  The result is unforgettable events full of joy and always a few surprises.  Molly leaves her couples and their guests overjoyed and always wanting more.

Molly talked to me about Pop Parties and her approach to weddings and events in Dallas and beyond:

headshot of blonde woman smiling Molly of Pop Parties wedding planner dallas

Pop Parties Wedding Planner Molly Rasmussen

I grew up in a small town in Michigan before moving to Texas for college.  In my free time (which is rare) I love to travel, and try new restaurants.  I volunteer teaching baton twirling and color guard for a local high school.  My husband and I dabble in tennis, and we love to spend time with our mini dachshund Lucy, family, and friends.


Molly’s Favorite Things

A great cocktail, the color pink, a clean house, checking things off my (ever growing) to do list.

Movie – This is lame, but Harry Potter or Couples Retreat.
Music – Anything old school. Fleetwood Mac, Alan Jackson, Usher from the good ole’ days.
Cocktail – A Paloma.
Vacation – Anywhere with crystal blue water.
Food – Italian, but I won’t discriminate against anything tasty.


Getting Started In Event Planning

I was our student council President in high school.  That put me in charge of planning our homecoming and prom; it was something I was good at and enjoyed.  I did everything from assembling cardboard Eiffel Towers, to making timelines for parades.  Growing up in a small Michigan town, I NEVER knew that I could have a career in event planning.  From there I went on to gain a Hospitality Management degree from UNT.  I interned with a celebrity wedding planner here in Texas as well.  It’s actually funny because my senior yearbook says “Call me to plan your wedding” next to my senior quote!


What Sets Pop Parties Weddings Apart

I jokingly always tell people that we “love a good theme,” but it’s true.  That theme could be carried in an understated way, or it could be an all out sports themed mitzvah.  We’ve had the pleasure of bringing to life a lot of creative concepts for our clients.  What makes us unique is that we never do the same thing twice.  Our team’s experience in many facets of the events industry is unmatched in our area. That experience helps us produce exceptional parties on behalf of our clients.  We have the 5 star reviews to prove it.


Pop Parties Clients

Pop Parties is a great fit for anyone who loves to have FUN!  Our brides are always up for creativity, and don’t take themselves too seriously.  We serve clients with high expectations for their celebrations. Though the common thread is always for all guests to have a great time.  Our couples want an epic party with very personalized detailing.  Creating unique celebration experiences is what we do best.


Favorite Weddings

I love to plan any wedding style that I haven’t done before.  It could be a new destination or interesting design concept. Breaking social norms while still following proper luxury etiquette is my jam.


Favorite Dallas Wedding Venues

Anywhere that works well with our team, as collaboration is key to a successful event.  If I had to pick, I’d say The Joule Hotel, Belo Mansion, and Arlington Hall at Lee Park. Though some of my favorite events have been transformations of empty spaces.  These are places like warehouses, gymnasiums, and client backyards.


The Planning Process

Incorporating a couple’s personality and style into their wedding is key.  It usually starts with a favorite memory they have together, and we grow it from there.  Getting to know our couples is my favorite part of the design process.  I get to dig in and create one of a kind experiences.  Weddings don’t have to be stuffy.  I believe that if it won’t add experiential value to the event, you shouldn’t spend money on it.  (Ex, is your guest REALLY going to notice your table numbers?  Sure they need to be pretty and coordinate to the aesthetic of the space.  But do they need to be laser cut foil pressed pieces of art? Likely not.)


The Creative Design Process

We have a very detailed questionnaire that goes out as round one of the design process. Then, we spend time eating and drinking with clients. It helps to see where the conversations go and what things they value.  The more we know about what makes clients tick, the more we have to make something unforgettable.


Working With Your Wedding Photographer

I am WAY too involved in the photography part of our work.  As a designer, we design with the end in mind.  It’s not only to create pretty things for people to look at on the event day. Everything has to make sense once a client puts an album together.  It’s created with intentional design, perfected floorpans (without exit signs), and an eye for detail.  (How many planners have you seen post a photo where the head table chairs aren’t lined up perfectly? #notok).  To assist with storytelling, we ensure photographers know the design details in advance.  They have a comprehensive list from us of key shots needed to capture the intentional design of the big day.

blonde woman in black clothes smiling Molly of Pop Parties wedding planner dallas

Be sure to check out more of Molly’s work on the Pop Parties website and Instagram.


I’d love to connect and tell your story.  Learn about me and get in touch.

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