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Natalia Issa Hair and Makeup Artist Interview

Natalia Issa Hair and Makeup Artistry Interview | Destination Wedding Photographer Jeff Brummett

I’ve had the pleasure to meet lots of wonderful people through my work. One of my absolute favorites is Natalia Issa, a hair and makeup artist serving Dallas and destination weddings around the world.
Natalia Issa Wedding Makeup Hair

Natalia Issa 

Natalia Issa has never met a stranger. Her bubbly personality lights up a room and she’s passionate about art, travel, and love. Her clients and co-workers inevitably end up as her friends. She always makes the wedding prep experience fun and relaxing.
Natalia’s work is instantly recognizable. She is not afraid to be artistic, bold, even flashy, but always in a way remains elegant and true to her clients. A favorite for wedding editorials, Natalia loves to play with new ideas and styles. She can bring a concept or mood to life in a way that feels artistic AND authentic.
In addition to rescue pups, photography, and travel, Natalia and I share a love of artistic collaboration. She will thoughtfully guide her clients, with their ultimate happiness in mind. Natalia is a wonderful ally to have, whether planning a wedding day look or a fashion shoot.
I can’t think of a better person talk to about wedding day make-up and hair than her. Here is an interview we did that will give you some more insight and things to consider before your wedding day.
Natalia Issa Makeup and hair interview

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am Natalia Issa, a thoughtful curator and creative visionary. My work translates into lush finishes that are romantic, timeless and ethereal. I am the romantic and exquisite brides favorite hair and makeup artist. My work is very transformative, I love to enhance the best features of all my clients. I believe in beauty from within and I aim to pull it out from the depths of the heart outward. I am blessed to have an impressive array of published work. In the bridal beauty world I’m lucky to be a true influencer for the curated bride. What makes me unique is that I have an eye for photography and beauty. I am intentional when it comes to turning a vision into a work of art.

Tell us about what you specialize in.

I specialize in bridal beauty and destination weddings. I work with wedding professionals on creating work for publication. I love education, so elevating creatives is another area of expertise. I also help with workshops for wedding professionals around the world.

How did you get started with MUAH?

I got started 8 years ago. I had always had the desire to be an artist, I am a painter and I have been painting since I was a child. It wasn’t until I discover hair and makeup as a career that I decided to pursuit it. My artistry is everything I am, it is love, it is serving others and it is art. I love it with all my heart.

How did you get into weddings?

I got invited to assist another artist and I realized that weddings are what I enjoyed. Celebrating love every weekend has become my life.
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Who are your ideal clients?

My ideal Bride is the bride that knows what they love. My brides have amazing taste and want to have that wow factor. They love adventure, love to laugh, and love intensely! My brides are fun and love the element of surprise. I would say they are kind and true to themselves. I love them! I get the most amazing people to serve, love, and call my friends after their wedding.

How do you approach the planning process with your clients?

I love to be involved and know as much information possible about them and their day.

How do you incorporate their style into your work?

We look at images and we look at their wedding mood board. We plan hours of hair and makeup to nail a look that makes them look their best.

What does a typical wedding weekend look like for you?

I don’t like to double book. Each bride has her day and I am with them 100%. I like to feel relaxed, with all my attention and affection on my client.
Natalia Issa Makeup and hair destination wedding

Is there one thing you enjoy doing most?

I love both hair and makeup ! I think of hair as sculpting, giving shape to my work with my hands. Makeup is like painting. I love it! I always get excited to see the end result!

Are there any current trends you love or don’t like?

Instagram and youtube are misleading people with highlight and contour techniques. I approach every person with their needs in mind. We don’t all need a heavy contour. I am also happy the airbrush hype went away. Airbrush makeup is awful! And it separates! I stopped offering it 4 years ago.

What is your favorite style of wedding to work on?

I love destination weddings! Because it gives me more time with my bride and her family!

Is there something you would love to do that you haven’t yet?

I would love to do a wedding hair and makeup class or workshop with a gown designer and an amazing florist team!

Is being a MUA in Texas/DFW different from other parts of the world?

Yes! We have a client base with excellent taste and the money to afford the best! I also Love that we are one of the main airports hubs. Being able to fly direct almost everywhere in the worlds is a huge plus!

What are a few things brides should think about that they usually don’t when it comes to MUAH?

When you are hiring a professional, make sure that you always have a contract. Your makeup artist should have an excellent work ethic and great reviews. When selecting a hair and makeup artist, his or her style should be the one you are seeking. Each artist has a strength and that is what you should book.

Is there something you think brides should consider that they usually don’t?

Don’t haggle with your HMUA. Most of the time, when a client haggles with my pricing I feel devalued and don’t move forward with booking. I want clients who understand my pricing has to cover expenses and provide for my family.
Natalia Issa wedding makeup and hair

I know you love to travel. What are some of the benefits of having a MUA that you already know for a destination wedding?

Bringing your HMUA to your destination wedding is bringing peace of mind! You know you will get the best service and will look your best. You won’t be at the mercy of local trends or lack of knowledge with professional, sanitary hair and makeup.

How is your process different for a destination wedding?

More Skype meetings and more time together!

Any special wedding destination you’re dying to get to next?

The south of France! If I can live there and work weddings in the summers, that would be my dream!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part is when my clients feel loved and that they made the best decision booking me. I am about giving my brides a beautiful experience, as well as making them look gorgeous!

What is the biggest misconception people have about MUA?

The biggest misconception is that your makeup look isn’t that important. Good hair and makeup is as important as having an amazing photographer to capture your day.

What are some things brides should look for when researching a MUA for their wedding? Are there any red flags to watch out for?

Red flags would be lack of professionalism and no contract. A good professional artist will never leave you hanging or guessing. Also, hire someone that specializes in your style!


Any other tips for brides on how to best enjoy the prep part of the wedding day?

For my brides, I always tell them to not do any invasive treatments before wedding day. Hire a team that will allow you to sit back and enjoy every second of the wedding celebration.
Natalia Issa Makeup Hair wedding
Be sure to check out more of Natalia Issa’s amazing work on her Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Exploring new destinations with stylish couples is one of my favorite things in the world to do!  If you are thinking about having engagements or getting married, I would be thrilled to connect and tell your story.  Please learn more about me, why I’m different than other photographers, and reach out.

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