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Tips for Getting Married in Lake Como, Italy | Advice from a Destination Wedding Planner

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Lake Como Wedding Tips

Many couples think about getting married or eloping in Italy. Lake Como is a prime destination because of it’s iconic charm and beauty. But the prospect can also be daunting for outsiders. After all, Lake Como is a very unique place with a very high end reputation. There are lots of questions and unknowns about having such an important event here. I wanted to get some Lake Como wedding tips from a top destination wedding planner. I talked to the very talented Leandra Svizzero of Eventoile Weddings and Events. Leandra creates amazing weddings all around the Lake Como area. She gave some great Lake Como wedding tips that you’ll be sure to find useful.
Lake Como Wedding Tips Italy destination elopement

Leandra, can you tell me a little about yourself and your work?

Over the past 10 years, I’ve been creating bespoke fine art events across Europe. After studying fashion in Milan, I excelled in the French haute-couture fashion industry. Therefor I am intent on providing unrivaled quality and seamless services. It is the fine imprint and the intense stamp a state-of-the-art wedding requires.

Who are your ideal clients?

My brides and grooms come from all across the globe and have a true love for fine art and aesthetic.
View of Bellagio Lake Como Italy buildings from water

Besides the obvious, what makes Lake Como weddings special?

Lake Como is a luxurious tourist area. It’s celebrated for its spectacular scenery at the beginning of the Prealps. It’s famous for the vintage Villas with breathtaking views and the romance of its gardens.

What factors go into making a great Como wedding?

For making a great wedding at Como timing is key. It’s recommended to reserve the location of your dreams with a lot of anticipation. The careful choice of the vendors who will add to the event is another crucial factor.
View of Lake Como Italy town on green mountains

When it comes to destination weddings in Como, what events do you usually plan for your guests? Are there any you recommend that visitors might not be as familiar with?

There are so many choices of events. The most popular being the rehearsal dinner and goodbye brunch. But we also organize unusual events. Things like a boat crossing of the lake with live cooking. For the more adventurous clients, hiking and even aerial tours with panoramic views. There are also world class spas and relaxing resorts. These make for great pre-wedding activities for the couple and entourage.

What are some of the benefits of getting married in Como that many might not consider?

The couples that can see beyond the norm and feel a connection with Como choose this location. It’s not only about the beautiful landscape. They enjoy celebrating their marriage in a culturally rich place, full of art and history.
Grand Hotel Tramezzo on Lake Como Italy

What are your favorite Como destinations for weddings and why? What about elopements (if different)?

The Villas of Lake Como are wonderful, but there are three in particular that take my breath away each time I go.
Villa Pizzo is very romantic in every way. It is rich in art and has the plus of being a place truly lived by its current and past owners. Each corner, each tree, each detail has a story worth telling.
The position, with a magnificent view and marvelous garden, makes Villa Balbianello unique. To promise eternal love at Loggia Durini is like a real life fairytale.
Villa Balbiano is a genuinely exclusive location. It is ideal for those looking forward to a mini vacation or a wedding with many events. By staying overnight, the guests can enjoy the inside beauty of the Villa. It’s full of curated and rich details. You will have the unique experience of living in Como’s most charming location, at least for a day or two ☺.
For an elopment, I’d reccomend considering Isola Comacina as a destination. The place is special and getting there with a private boat tour is unforgettable.

What are some of the best ways couples can incorporate their location into the event(s)?

One of the best ways is with food. Including a course in the menu with characteristic food of the couple’s region for the guests to taste. Decorations also are a great was to bring out the local flavor! In fact, our job is to create an event where the guests can feel at home. To achieve this, we put elements of both cultures throughout the event. The ceremony is another great place to show the guests the cultural traditions of the region. You can add rituals and other elements to the services.
Lake Como Italy steamboat on blue water in front of mountains Italy

Are there any current trends for your destination clients that stand out to you?

I love the wedding being more than a moment. It’s a vacation, with more of a relaxed environment. Often, it’s more than one event happening across several days. This way, the couple can share beautiful memories with guests who have travelled so far.

Why do you think it’s important for couples to hire a wedding planner in Como?

Como has become very touristy for the wedding market. One must remember that tourists get treated as tourists. A crucial role of the wedding planner is to guarantee that services are being charged at a fair price.
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How does the cost of a wedding in Como compare to other parts of the country?

It’s not comparable. Each region has its own costs and resources and also the wedding style affects the final costs.

What are some of the best times of year for a wedding in Como and why?

May and June are great months. The temperature is exceptional and there are not as many requests. Clients have a lot more choices.
Bellagio Italy Church tower Lake Como

How much time do you suggest the couple plan on being in Como for?

At least one week before, although some couples arrive only the day before the wedding!

Do you think it is necessary for the couple to have been to Como or their wedding location before hand?

It is not necessary. One of the things we offer to our clients is a trustworthy videocall service. Even if they are halfway across the world, they can see the location as if they were there too.
Lake Como city mountains Italy

Any advice for couples or guests on how best to get around once arriving (car rental, taxis, train, etc)?

I’d advice car rental, but we often put shuttle services at their disposal to move around the area.

How should a couple incorporate their own personality and style into a wedding in Como?

For me this is a crucial part of the planning. We have a 24 hour open communication channel with our clients. We talk to them, we exchange e-mails and WhatsApp pictures. We make video calls and have a coffee together. All this to create affinity and get to know them. This will allow us to discover details of their personality and taste we can use for their wedding day. The whole event must reflect them. Out of 80 or 100 people, not all know how they met or about the beginning of their relationship. With this approach, it’s not only their style captured, but their love story and life experiences.
For example, in one of this season weddings, the bride was a figure skater. We opted for invitation suites made of Amalfi and white translucent vellum paper. It was a nod to pureness and ice-skating. The ice swirls were represented by the manuscript’s font interlacing their names.

What role do you see the photographer playing in a destination wedding? How might it be different from a local event?

The role of a photographer is not only to narrate the couple’s story, but also the story of the location. Before arriving, the photographer should do research. They should find the points, the most beautiful spots, and immortalize it all. A couple who chooses Lake Como will also want to see its history captured together with their own. This is the main responsibility of the photographer.
Bride kissing groom in front of mountains Italy planning elopement wedding destination black and white Lake Como wedding tips

What are some benefits of having a photographer the couple is already familiar with?

Of course the couple is more secure with a familiar photographer. They don’t feel embarrassed and can avoid the getting to know each other phase. There’s usually previous encounters for the photographer to learn about the couple. Only the best photographers can capture the essence of the couple.
Bride in wedding dress holding bouquet standing by lake Como shore
Thanks for the great Lake Como wedding tips Leandra!
Check out Leandra’s amazing work on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.
There are few places I love as much as Lake Como and Italy.  Exploring it’s endless beauty with stylish couples is one of my favorite things in the world to do!  If you are thinking about having getting married in Italy, I would be thrilled to connect and tell your story.  Please learn more about me, why I’m different than other photographers, and reach out
Thanks for reading these Lake Como wedding tips! Learn more about why I love Italy and see one of my favorite Lake Como weddings.
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