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The Best Greece Wedding Venues

The Best Greece Wedding Venues | Destination Photographer Jeff Brummett

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A Greek Destination Wedding

White-washed buildings perched on towering cliffs overlooking sandy beaches and sky blue water.   The Greek Islands have been world renowned for centuries.  Their rugged beauty and unique culture belong on any destination wedding short list.  With hundreds of islands of all shapes and sizes doting the Aegean Sea, there is a place for every taste.  I suggest finding a hotel that also serves as a wedding venue.  That way, there is no unforeseen travel anxiety on your wedding day.  The hotel staff can also help with recommendations and navigating the island.

There are thousands of picture perfect ceremony spots around Greece.   It’s up to you to decide what size and type of setup is best for your big day.  Don’t worry, I’m here to help you find the perfect fit! Until then, here are a few favorite options:

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Greek Islands

The area was once difficult to access but new plane routes and island airports have made it much easier.  Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, and Paros all have airports a short flight from Athens.  Of course, the Greek mainland is not to be missed either.  Thankfully, it makes for a close by honeymoon trip.  There are almost endless options among the Greek islands.  In fact, there are almost 6000 of these islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas.  The group of islands known as the Cyclades are the most well known.  Don’t overlook the rest of the islands.  The Dodecanese, Crete, Rhodes, and Corfu are all well worth checking out.

Privacy and solitude.  Nightlife and shopping.  Nature and outdoor adventures.  History and culture.   The islands of Greece have something for everyone.  Many of the hotels and resorts on the islands are smaller and boutique style.  There are pros and cons to this when venturing to the islands for a wedding.  If you are eloping with a small number of guests, it may be a perfect fit.  Though, if you are wanting a traditional destination wedding it may be hard to find a venue.  It’s possible to have the best of both worlds.  Be open to choosing an island you may not have heard of before.  There are so many islands that are less well known but just as beautiful. 


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The Peloponnese is a peninsula and the southern most part of mainland Greece.   It’s full of ancient history and landmarks.  The interior of this region is full of mountains and forests.  The seaside areas are usually divided between east and west.  The West coast faces the aegean sea and the most famous Greek islands.  This coast features beaches that are more smooth, and sandy.  The East coast is much rockier and features a more dramatic look.  Many of the most luxurious large resorts in Greece are on the southern coasts of this region.

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Athens is the old world capital of Europe. The city is home to an incredible array of historical sites and monuments. Of course the old town center surrounding the Acropolis is the primary draw for tourists. The area is the largest pedestrian zone in Europe. It’s also home to most of the best hotels in the city. But many prefer to host their weddings at one of the bigger venues on Athen’s oceanfront area. This area is a great compromise for those looking to host a longer guest list. It may not be quite as scenic, but Athens has plenty of culture and charm for even the harshest critic. Nighttime city views are always a crowd pleaser and a must for those getting married in the old town center.



The Best Greece Wedding Venues

Here are some wonderful wedding venues from around Greece:


Poseidonion Grand Hotel


Grand Resort Lagonissi
The Island Art & Taste
Ktima 48
Pyrgos Petreza
Ble Azure
Four Seasons Athens
Argithea Estate

The Peloponnese

Kinsterna Hotel
The Romanos Resort Costa Navarino
Westin Resort Costa Navarino

Ionian Islands

Casa Playa


Ktima Lindos

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Capturing Your Greece Wedding Adventure

Planning a destination wedding?  I’d love to be there and capture every moment from arrival to departure.  I want you to feel that you’re with a friend.  I will help guide you when needed, but also step back and document the day as if you were the only two on earth.  Get in touch now to and let’s start the adventure.

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