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Fort Worth Florist Tersilla Studio Interview

Fort Worth Florist Studio Tersilla Interview | Dallas Wedding Photographer Jeff Brummett


Fort Worth Florist Studio Tersilla

Fort Worth Florist Amelia Goodall, with Studio Tersilla, is a true artist. She is keenly aware of the latest trends and techniques, but is never ruled by them. Her work is stylish, fun, and full of rich color. Yes, florals are all full of color, but Amelia’s are FULL of color. You could even say Studio Tersilla brings a touch of whimsy to its couples weddings. Although it might diminish the precision and thought Amelia brings to her work. She was nice enough to answer some questions about herself and her floral art.

Fort Worth Florist Tersilla Studio blue orange flowers

Fort Worth Florist Amelia Goodall and Studio Tersilla

I’ve pretty much wanted to be a florist since forever ago.  Ok not forever, but over 10 years.  When I was 13 I visited my grandmother, Tersilla, in Italy where she was born and raised.  We stumbled upon a little European flower shop, more of a cart, selling hand tied bouquets.  I went home saying I wanted to be a florist and never stopped!  I went to school for floral design but hated my program.  I changed degree plans and started my business when I was 20!  Lots of learning…  But It kind of sets my style a part.  The fact is, I really have no idea how the rest of the industry works.  I just know what works best for me!

Studio Tersilla couples

My ideal clients are super happy in love couples who love my work enough to pay for it 😉😉😉.  I don’t discriminate against couples.  Very very LBGTQ friendly.  If you are in love, I’ll be there for you!!

Favorite wedding style

I’m starting to dig the fine art look.  But still offbeat.  Let’s keep it out of the box while making sure not to put a big “MADE IN 2019” stamp on it.

Fort Worth Florist Tersilla Studio bride shoes blue orange flowers


Working with clients

I try and keep it suuuuuper simple for the couple.  After an inquiry, we set up a consultation, preferably in person and over wine, then go over EVERYTHING.  Numbers, colors, style, timeline… start to finish.  Of course, we still want to make sure we get the important parts in… like tacos or pizza, fav things about each other, how they met, etc.  

Afterwards I put everything into a proposal and send it along with a moodboard to make sure we are on the same page.  The proposal contains everything we talked about even if it’s over budget. That’s because I don’t want to be the one deciding what is most important and what we could do without. 

Instead, I work with my clients to find the perfect compromises! Then we sign & put down a deposit.  Hang tight for a hot second until 30 days before the wedding where we meet up again. Then go over final details and numbers to make sure nothing has changed, put down the final payment, & ya know…  I show up with awesome flowers the day you get married!!

red blue orange yellow flowers

Favorite trends and traditions

The bridal bouqueeeeeeet!  It was stuffed with herbs in the medieval ages to ward off evil spirits and cover up body odor.  Now it’s just my favorite thing to make!!  

I also dig the painted foliage trend a LOT!!

Least Favorite trends or traditions

Hooooonestly, I think wedding parties are over rated.  I get it like ya want yo PEOPLE surrounding you but, ya know, we go over the top down here in the South.

Fort Worth Florist Tersilla Studio blue orange flowers table instillation

Advice for couples starting to plan their wedding

As far as budgeting goes, you’ll want to set apart 12-18% to cover the ~full experience~ … but don’t let that scare you!!  It’ll be so pretty and fun and worth it!!  

Ask how you can repurpose every stem from the ceremony to reception to stretch that budget!

Working in Dallas / Fort Worth

Ok well let’s not give Dallas TOO MUCH credit because my heart stays in Fort Worth even when I work in Dallas.  But here especially, weddings have become more of a form of self expression and art.  I view myself as an artist before I view myself as a wedding florist!  That wasn’t the case when I was living in College Station.  I saw a lot of weddings that stopped at pretty and didn’t go any farther.  And we also have the most supportive and sweet community. Everyone champions each other!

Fort Worth Florist Tersilla Studio blue orange flowers centerpiece

Destination Weddings

My first wedding was actually in Arkansas!  Not the most glamorous destination.  But since then, I’ve been to Italy, Iceland, California, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, and more!  The logistics and stress level are different than a local wedding. 😅 Don’t get me wrong – travel & flowers?  Combining my two favorite things is my favorite thing. But it takes SO MUCH more work. 

I remember lugging a huge 50 lb box across Italy via train after living there for 2 months.  Along with 2 suitcases packed with everything I had, plus 2 bags full of vintage vases.  Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  I took a taxi .1 miles to a hotel because I was too tired to walk any farther.  But it worked out and it was beautiful and my GOD it was so stinkin fun.  And every time it gets easier and easier!


Favorite DFW venues to design for

The Emerson, Brake & Clutch, Brik and the 4 eleven are all so freakin good.  The attention to detail is wonderful and they are all so different.  But honestly, The Olana steals my heart every time.  I’ve never actually worked there.  It makes me feel like I’m in France!

Fort Worth Florist Tersilla Studio blue orange flowers bridal bouquet table

Working with the photographer

Flowers & photography are cool because they are SO different as far as story telling goes.  One is abstract, color/texture/movement/etc.  The other is more black and white.  And together it’s this fusion of something awesome.  

It’s important to make sure photographers have styling flowers so that every last detail is as pretty as can be!  I make sure that brides are holding their bouquets the right way.  Plus, point out the ESPECIALLY beautiful arrangement to capture.  Photographers eternalize the story that all the other vendors work so hard to tell!


Favorite Dallas / Fort Worth Vendors

Bridal Salons: lovely bride & a&be!!  Those gals are so sweet.

MUAs: BA beauty, hello flawless, and well beyond beauty

Cake/desert: Manda Mobley cakes, loft22, and crumb and kettle!

DJs: my dude Ronnie heart!!!! Haven’t actually worked with him, but he’s my buddy. 

Planners: Bash Co, Maxwell and Grey, Artisan Rose, Epoch Events, Jen Rios, and Cloud Creative

Rentals: Sugar Creek and Coral Lane 

Dallas Florist Tersilla Studio blue orange flowers table instillationDFW Florist Tersilla Studio blue orange flowers cake instillationDFW Florist Tersilla Studio blue orange flowers table centerpiece

Be sure to check out more of Fort Worth florist Amelia’s amazing work on the Studio Tersilla Website, Facebook, and Instagram.  Learn more about the Dallas and other wedding destinations.

Exploring new destinations with stylish couples is my favorite!  If you are thinking about having engagements or getting married, I would be thrilled to connect and tell your story.  Learn about me and why I’m different than other photographers.

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