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Folly Beach, South Carolina Sunset Visit

On a very windy (and cold) winter evening, I ventured out to Folly Beach.  The beach is a short drive from Charleston, South Carolina.  It was a beautiful evening.  As the sun sunk on the horizon, shadows changed shape and color against the sand. 
I only brought my medium format film camera so changing rolls was tough with my frozen fingers.  It was worth the struggle though.  There were small steams leading to shallow pools on the beach.  The wind made ripples on the surface.  Not only that, it pushed the sand around scattered shells.  The result is little sand podiums supporting the seashells.
Some of the shells made it to the Folly Beach “Wishing Tree.” The tree is full of shells, some with writing, representing visitor’s wishes.  Other beach goers used the wind to their advantage.  They brought kites that entered the sky as it turned from blue to pink, and pink to black.

All images shot with a Contax 645 camera on Fuji400h film.

Windswept beach with gold grass and blue sky Windswept beach with tree trunk in sand and blue sky Windswept beach with man walking black dog in sand and blue sky Windswept sand with gold grass, palm tree, and blue skyWindswept beach with tree trunk in sandWindswept beach with gold grass on sand dunes and blue skywater ripples against tan sandFolly beach with tree trunk in sandSeashells in sand on Folly Beach, South CarolinaFolly beach wishing tree with seashells in tan sand wishing tree with seashells children putting sea shells on wishing tree Folly beach Folly beach wishing tree with seashells in tan sand against blue skyFolly beach tree in tan sandBlue ocean water pool windswept sandFolly beach with tree trunk in sand duneFolly Beach South Carolina blue skyFolly beach with tree trunk in sand against blue skySunset blue sky seagulls on South Carolina Beachgrass in sand at sunsetFolly Beach wall leading to rock on blue ocean waves sunset skyFolly Beach kite flying against blue evening skyGold Folly beach grass against purple evening skyGold grass against purple evening skyTan sand dunes by beach against purple evening skyFolly Beach visitors against blue sunset skyclouds in blue evening sky over oceankite flying against blue evening sunset sky

Film processed by Indie Film Lab.

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