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Favorite Fort Worth Restaurants

Our Favorite Fort Worth Restaurants

by Emily Brummett

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We live right in the middle of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.  While Dallas gets all the publicity, We believe Fort Worth is one of the Nation’s hidden gems.  It has a friendly, small town vibe, with all the big city amenities.  It’s also home to a great food scene that we enjoy partaking in.  Here are a few of favorite Fort Worth restaurants. 


King Tut

I went to TCU in Fort Worth, and somehow never experienced the magic that is King Tut.  Jeff and I discovered it a couple of years ago, and thank goodness we did.  King Tut is an Egyptian – Mediterranean Restaurant.  You can’t go there without getting the Maza Plate, and if you are like me, you get it with hummus and meat sambosas.  If you have never had a sambosa, they are flaky phyllo pastries stuffed with vegetables or meat.  I always order the Gyro Plate which comes with a delicious side salad, pita bread, rice and cucumber sauce (always ask for extra sauce).  

Jeff likes to mix it up with his order.  He’s ordered everything from chicken shawarma, to the chicken macaroni (Sautéed chicken cooked with onions and tomatoes, mixed with macaroni noodles and topped with mozzarella cheese ), and even Egyptian pizza.  He’s loved it all. As always, finish the meal with their Baklava. King Tut is my Favorite Fort Worth Restaurants for Mediterranean!



Reata in downtown Fort Worth is one of our favorites for a true Texas experience.  My freshmen year at TCU, my roommate Erin took me to Reata for the first time.  While Jeff and I don’t go a lot, it’s definitely a favorite.  I of course love the chicken fried steak, are you sensing a theme here?  I love chicken fried steak, it really is a Texas staple.  The carne asada topped with Reata’s cheese enchiladas is also one of my favorites, while Jeff love’s their citrus crusted chicken.  We brought our friend Shannon here as she is from St. Louis, and she absolutely loved it.  We ordered all the things, plus lots of their amazing deserts.


Joe T Garcia’s

Joe T Garcia’s is another Fort Worth staple.  Joe T’s opened on July 4, 1935, and could originally only seat sixteen people; today it can hold over a thousand.  You can even have your wedding at Joe T Garcia’s.  Most people rave about their margaritas, but Jeff and I prefer their pina coladas.  

Due to the size of Joe T Garcia’s at dinner they serve a limited menu, you have 2 choices, enchiladas or fajitas.  Jeff always goes for the enchiladas, and I always go for the fajitas.  They also serve an appetizer of deliciously simple cheese nachos with chopped jalapeños on top; so good.  I have tried to recreate them at home, but they never quite the same.  If you go to Joe T’s for lunch or brunch they have a more expansive menu.  

Part of the awesome vibe of Joe T’s is their gorgeous patio.  When the Texas weather graces us with the perfect patio day there is no place else I would rather be.  If you go on the weekends or other prime times, prepare for a wait.  When I say wait… I mean everyone standing in long lines waiting for a table.  Joe T’s has a very good system and the process goes much faster than one might think.  If you are looking for a true Fort Worth Mexican food experience, Joe T Garcia’s is the place to go.



If you are looking for a low-key bar to go to in Fort Worth, you can’t beat Proper.  Don’t let the name freak you out, like it did me.  I thought, “I’m not cool enough to go to a bar called Proper.”  I was wrong, Proper is beyond chill and serves yummy cocktails.  This is where I first discovered my love for a French 75.  

What I also love about Proper is that they have the jukebox thing on the wall.  It’s one of my favorite things ever.  I have always thought I would make an excellent DJ; but, I think Jeff might disagree.  They have an extensive drink menu but are also happy to come up with some original concoctions.  Proper is definitely not to be missed.


Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse in Fort Worth is a special treat.  Why yes, there are many locations.  The Fort Worth one on Main Street will always be my personal favorite.  When you walk in you feel like you are walking in the dining room of the Titanic, but with a Texas twist.  There are hooks on the wall for you to hang your cowboy hat on, I mean come on, could it get any more Fort Worth than that.  

Jeff loves the crab cakes, but you can’t go wrong with any of the steaks.  I love the filet mignon.  Their sides are spectacular.  You can’t go wrong with the creamed corn with blistered shishito peppers.  Every desert we have ever ordered has been heavenly too.  Don’t forget to order one of their delicious signature cocktails either.   While Del Frisco is generally saved for special occasions, it’s still on my list of top Fort Worth restaurants.


Bird Café

Bird Café is my favorite Fort Worth Restaurants for brunch. It is right downtown on Sundance Square, and if the weather is perfect or close to perfect sitting on the patio is a must.  Bird Café serves brunch, lunch, and dinner; but Jeff and I have only ever been for brunch.  The country breakfast, almond pancakes, and the chicken and waffles are brunch favorites.  However, our absolute favorite thing to order is the “Mother and Child Reunion”.  

Random story alert!  Whenever Jeff and I go out to eat, I never want us to order the same thing on the menu.  I feel like it’s a waste, you should use the fact that you order two meals as an opportunity to try more things.  Bird Café at brunch is the only exception to my rule.  Jeff and I both always order the “Mother and Child Reunion” now.  It’s a fried chicken breast, homestead grits, poached eggs, and jalapeño gravy.  It will change your life, that and a carafe of the Bird Mimosas which have hibiscus in them.  Do yourself a favor and go to Bird Café and order both.


Swiss Pastry Shop

The Swiss Pastry Shop is one of those places that is on a bunch of different Fort Worth lists.  Everybody raves about one thing, the Black Forest Cake.  It also turns out that this cake was served at one of Jeff’s weddings he shot a few years ago.  This is not your typical black forest cake though, it’s actually an almond dacquoise.  So, to break it down, it is a meringue cake with sweetened whipped cream and chocolate shavings.  It is one of the best desserts I have ever had in my life.


Drew’s Place

Drew’s Place is a favorite Fort Worth restaurant for soul food lovers.  It’s not a common type of cuisine in this part of Texas and almost never done this well.  The fried chicken was to die for, and don’t even get me started on the sides.  The candied yams, collard greens, and fried okra are not to be missed.  The desserts looked delicious, but by the time we finished, there was no space left.  


We love traveling and trying new food!  We always try to keep our recommendations local and accessible for everyone.

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