Jeff Brummett

the process

I’ll work closely with your planner before the wedding day to ensure every moment and detail are captured. You’ll feel more confident and relaxed as you celebrate, knowing that your wedding is being beautifully preserved.

"Jeff was so patient, listened to my ideas of what I wanted, and made it happen!"

Your wedding photos will be passed down through generations. They should be just as captivating and timeless for your parents as for your grandchildren.

Your Experience

The Process

Working Together

Do you value sharing once in a lifetime experiences together with the people you love most.  If so, let's get started!


are we a good fit?

We will go over what is important to you both.  This way you'll be sure everything is covered in the most meaningful way possible!

planning and prep


All the final details, location scouting, and timelines will get reviewed with your planner.  You can always join in on the fun too if you like! 


wedding week


the big day

Get ready to have the best day ever.  I'll do my best to keep you focused on enjoying the whole crazy experience.

Let's focus on being honest to who you are.  If you’re silly together, embrace those silly moments.  If you’re a crier, those tears will be captured in a meaningful way. 

Celebrate and have fun during your reception.  Every moment will be covered, but you won't need to worry about smiling at the camera, unless you feel like it.

You'll receive some highlights in a day or two.  When everything is done, you will get the full gallery online and the physical delivery should arrive soon after.


image delivery


Get in touch

- Jessica + Gabe

Jeff  genuinely got to know us as a couple, so he could help capture our story. He's humble, friendly, and a calming force on the wedding day. My family and friends loved having him at the wedding, as did we!

"a calming force on the wedding day."

praise from clients:



During a hectic day, Jeff was very patient with me and my bridal party. Seriously, he was calm throughout the day and I never felt like he was pushing me. Jeff worked with my schedule and in return gave me one less thing to worry about! 

"I never felt like he was pushing me."

praise from clients:



- Ashley + Preston

- Katelynn + Bobby

On the day of the wedding, I hardly noticed Jeff there (no offense, Jeff), and yet we had the most beautiful photos to treasure afterwards!

"I hardly noticed Jeff there, and yet we had the most beautiful photos."

praise from clients:



- Jordan + Taylor

He was so patient and listened to my ideas of what I wanted and made it happen. He took the time to get to know me and my husband so he knew how to tell our story perfectly. He exceeded all expectations!




praise from clients:

- Shabih + Bilal

When we received our pictures, we cried. Jeff is so talented. I do not say that lightly. He has a hunger for beauty and eye for emotion. Each and every photo was a work of art.


praise from clients:



Picking Jeff as our photographer was the best decision we made. Photography was the most important item on our wedding list and Jeff exceeded our expectations. He's sweet, kind, humble... but on top of it all, he's the most talented photographer I've ever met. He captured moments of love and happiness that will last us a lifetime, and that's such a beautiful gift to give.

"Picking Jeff was the best decision we made."

praise from clients:



- Lina + Nick

- Conlee + Forrest

He kept me calm on the big day and maximized the time we had for important things like being with each other alone, with our guests, and taking our photos. 

"He maximized the time we had for important things."

praise from clients:



- Leanna + Mike

I am to be able to relive the best day of my life with photos that are nothing short of magical. Jeff was able to take my scattered bridal buzz word ramblings and somehow delivery my dream with more beauty and elegance than I thought possible.

"Photos that are Nothing short of magical."

praise from clients:



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Every wedding is unique. For a custom proposal, please get in touch.


Frequently Asked Questions


Answers To Your Questions

The Rest Of My Story

My own wedding photos were boring. For our wedding, my wife and I wanted to stand out. We’d seen so many weddings that looked the same. The idea of a cliche experience wasn't an option. We wanted photos that were unique to us. As it turns out, this was harder to find than you'd think... 

get in touch

We decided to go with a photographer I'd been following for awhile. He was very capable with his equipment, but his method was cheesy and off putting. On the big day, he kept telling us to "get sexy" and "bring it." Let me tell you, we are not "get sexy" people. We wanted one of a kind images with real emotion. We needed somebody that understood these photos were more than simply a part of our next social media posts. We felt embarrassed and self-conscious the whole time, and our photos didn’t feel personal or unique like we had hoped. 

I was reminded what makes wedding photography so important and meaningful. Cultivating your style and personality is something that is always a priority for me. Your collection of photographs is tailored to you. They are captured in an artistic way that will still feel fresh and alive decades from now. This way, the moments, people, and details that are the most special will never be forgotten!