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Fine Art Couples Boudoir

Fine Art Couples Boudoir | NYC Wedding Photographer

Why couples boudoir is worth considering

Boudoir photography has many different interpretations. For me, it means a chance to capture intimacy on a higher level. It can be hard to show this kind of vulnerability in public. There is something special about quiet moments together like this. My favorite couples boudoir is not based on desire. It’s all about moments that show your most raw and real selves.

Couples boudoir studio session

Doing a couples boudoir session requires a bit of courage. After all, you are showing yourself in a way that is usually reserved only for each other. The result can be very rewarding. I love doing bridal and couples boudoir in a place that’s meaningful. Usually, that means the couples home. Sometimes a beautiful studio can be the best option. In this case, we picked a white studio with lots of natural light. The bride wore a gorgeous velvet kimono robe by Tres Sur bridal lingerie. Using your wedding veil for boudoir is also a favorite of mine. In this case, a lovely veil by Blossom Veils.

After the couples boudoir session, the bride stuck around for her own bridal boudoir. See it and more below.

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More on this session

I loved spending time with these two. Check out the brides own boudoir session here.


If you’re thinking about boudoir, I’d love to get creative with you! Get to know about me and my approach or get in touch now.


Veil – Blossom Veils and Accessories 

Lingerie – Tres Sur

Studio – The Belmont Studio

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