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The 10 Best Dallas Wedding Venues

The Top 10 Best Dallas Wedding Venues | Dallas – Fort Worth Texas Wedding Photographer

The Best Dallas Wedding Venues

Why am I writing a list of the best Dallas wedding venues?  Not everyone can elope in Paris or get married on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Sometimes you have to find something great at home and make it your own.  For most people, finding a wedding venue is the most important step to developing the style of your day.  Sometimes it’s a struggle finding a setting that matches your vision.  
I thought I’d take some time to shine a light on a few of the absolute best wedding venues around Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas.  I chose these wedding venues based on factors like usability, uniqueness, and functionality.  For the most part, each of these are very unique places.  They have character and atmosphere built in.  
I know not every couple is looking for the same style either. That’s why I tried to include venues for all different tastes.  The most important aspect of this list is adaptability.  I wanted each venue to be able to have room for creative designs.  My couples have a great sense of style and want to create a space all their own.  




The Dallas Arboretum

Dallas, Texas (White Rock Lake)

bride and groom walking together in front of trees lake blue sky Dallas arboretum Venue

The Dallas Arboretum is the gold standard for beautiful outdoor Dallas wedding venues in DFW.  There are several options for ceremony or reception location. Each is full of unique character and charm.  The Dallas Arboretum is also perfect for those wanting a semi blank slate. Couples can make the spaces their own, while still having lots of existing structures to play off of.  Obviously, the gardens here are stunning.  You can also take advantage of seasonal exhibit art that’s on display during your wedding.

man in blue suite holding hands with woman in pink dress standing in front of Spanish building

There are several different venues within the Dallas Arboretum grounds. My two favorite, the Alex Camp House and the DeGolyer Estate, both have amazing views of White Rock Lake.  These venue’s also come with the added benefit of having some amenities. Things like tables, chairs, event manager, and security. Pricing does vary based on time of year.

dallas arboretum colorful wedding ceremony altar greenery



The Venue at 400 North Ervay

Downtown Dallas, Texas

The Venue at 400 North Ervay is one of the best Dallas wedding venues. It’s the perfect place for an elegant urban wedding.  The venue is right by Thanksgiving Square in the middle of downtown Dallas.  This building is a beautiful old post office with stunning art deco architecture. It has spaces that are perfect for hosting large or intimate weddings.  
bride and groom first kiss at rooftop wedding ceremony floral arch altar 400 North Ervay Dallas Venue
The Venue at 400 North Ervay features three main spaces.  The Grande Hall is on the first floor and is the largest space.  It features is marble walls and fresco ceilings.  It’s best utilized for cocktail hour but is very flexible. Upstairs is The Court Room, featuring lots of carved wood and French painted ceilings. Floor to ceiling windows let in lots of natural light.  The Court Room is perfect for a reception and has much more character than any hotel ballroom.  
Finally, the Rooftop Garden is the highlight of the Venue at 400 North Ervay.  It’s one of the most spectacular locations for a wedding ceremony in Dallas – Fort Worth.  Modern skyscrapers and a very customizable garden make for a dramatic backdrop.  The Rooftop Garden is also perfect for rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions.



Arlington Hall at Turtle Creek Park

Dallas, Texas

Arlington Hall at Turtle Creek Park is an elegant Southern venue.  It has been expanded and updated but retains many of its historic elements and charm.  Arlington Hall looks like a grand antebellum home.  It’s perched on a hill surrounded by a lush park and overlooking Turtle Creek.  Though only minutes from downtown Dallas, it feels like a world away.

In many ways Arlington Hall feels like it’s made for traditional southern weddings.  However, it also has the ability to be a stunning backdrop for stylish modern events.  This versatility makes Arlington Hall stand out among similar area options.  There are so many ways to make the venue your own.  From an intimate affair with close family, to a huge party of hundreds, Arlington Hall has you covered.

Arlington Hall at Turtle Creek Park Dallas Texas Wedding Venue white column mansion in park with pink flowers

Arlington Hall

Arlington Hall is full of character.  Built the 1930s, the hall was later expanded to host larger events. The building looks like a stately southern mansion, but its layout is versatile.  It allows couples the flexibility to make it their own.  Many historic details have been kept or restored.  Original hardwood floors, crystal chandeliers, antique mirrors, and sconces, all remain.  There is a classic elegance about Arlington Hall that is undeniable.  A popular option is to take things outside, kind of.  Extending the porch with a clear tent takes the party up a notch without sacrificing comfort.  It also provides a blank slate to design your own celebration.

Arlington Hall at Turtle Creek Park Dallas Texas Wedding Venue white column mansion in park with white flowers couple walking

Turtle Creek Park

This twenty acre park allows plenty of room for creativity.  A formal Garden, two terraces, a elegant portico, and the Pavilion cover the Park.  The pavilion is the probably the most popular ceremony spot.  It’s set up perfectly for weddings, center aisle and all.  Still, any of these areas make great ceremony locations with lots of room to customize.

man laughing with woman in yellow dress while sitting on park bench

Being in Texas, the air-conditioned Hall or add on tent are usually the places for receptions.  However, if the couple’s brave, and gets nice weather, an outdoor reception is possible.  Turtle Creek Park is full of options for any taste.  Of course, the parks look changes with the seasons, but it’s always a beautiful setting for any wedding.




The Adolphus Hotel

Downtown Dallas, Texas

The Adolphus Hotel is a downtown Dallas gem.  Built in 1911, the Beaux-arts style building exudes classic elegance.  It has a long history of hosting important events and famous guests.  Presidents, celebrities, and even the Queen of England have stayed here.

bride and groom standing together in front of hotel entrance Adolphus wedding Venue

The 19th Floor Ballroom

The 22 floor building is filled with gorgeous places for photos.  The 19th floor ballroom is one of the best spaces for a wedding in Dallas.  The room features floor to ceiling windows that let natural light in.  The ivory walls and brass fixtures combine for a fresh, stylish feel.

There is also a rumor that the 19th floor is haunted.  In the 1930s, a bride hung herself after being left at the altar here.  This could be intriguing or disconcerting, depending on your tastes.  Either way, it’s a stunning place for a wedding ceremony or small reception!

ceremony altar 19th floor ballroom adolphus hotel wedding


The downstairs ballrooms are not quite as unique, but definitely a solid option for larger receptions. The bar and lounge areas are full of character and charm. The French Room Bar is very dark and stately, perfect for a noir style images.  The Adolphus has everything you will need on your wedding day, no need to leave the premises.  There is even a beautiful barber shop off the lobby that makes for a great photo op.

bride and groom kissing sparkler exit in front of hotel entrance Adolphus wedding Venue




The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas

The Modern Art Museum is a stately building in the heart of Fort Worth’s Cultural District. This Dallas wedding venue hosts beautiful, elegant wedding receptions.  It’s home to artwork by Pablo Picaso, Andy Warhol, and Jackson Pollock, among others.  
Best Dallas wedding venues modern art museumThe concrete and glass building sits on a 1.5 acre pond amid eleven landscaped acres. It includes an outdoor sculpture garden and terrace. Forty-foot-high transparent glass walls framed in metal surround the spacious interior. It’s full of clean lines and textures that make for stunning photos!  It’s a grand environment but won’t distract from your vision.  There’s lots of room to get creative. Bold and out of the box, or timeless and elegant, it all works in this space.




The Mason

Dallas (Oak Cliff), Texas

The Mason is a newer venue in the heart of Oak Cliff.  Its name comes from the 1920s Masonic Lodge building it calls home.  The lodge has been completely redesigned on the inside but retains it’s beautiful exterior.

wedding reception table with candles orange, red florals in front of window and white brick wall

The first floor of the Mason features up and downstairs spaces with similar layouts. However the styles are a little different. The Downstairs are is a little darker with painted brick walls black curtains. It has a very New Orleans feel to it. It’s a neat space but the star of the show is the second floor.

The upstairs has much taller ceilings and windows with white walls. It features a lounge area with a bar. There is also a gorgeous room generally used as the bridal suite. It is very french feeling, with antique furniture and painted walls.

The main space upstairs is centered around a Fire mantle with columns. It’s not functional but does make for a striking backdrop.

four tiered white wedding cake with orange, red flowers surrounded by green florals





The Nasher Sculpture Center

Dallas Arts District

The Nasher Sculpture Center is another great downtown Dallas wedding venue.  The Center has so much to offer couples.  Though it’s located in the heart of the Dallas Arts District, this place is all about the green space.  It’s home to one of the most beautiful urban gardens you’ll ever see.

Nasher Sculpture center wedding venue dallas

Weather permitting, couples can spend the entire wedding in this idyllic outdoor setting. If you’re so inclined, the minimal, modern indoor option is fantastic as well.  Of course, you will be celebrating among true masterpieces of sculpture.  Pieces by Picasso, Matisse, Giacometti, Calder, and Rodin all call The Nasher home.  All this amazing art lives seamlessly among the most beautiful plants and greenery.  It’s the perfect place for a unique, stylish celebration.

outdoor green sculpture garden Nasher Dallas Wedding Venue




Rosewood Mansion On Turtle Creek

Dallas, Texas

The Mansion on Turtle Creek is synonymous with Dallas luxury. It has a storied history that includes visits from presidents and celebrities. The mansion was first a 10,000 square foot private home built in the early 1920s. The idea came from the owners travels through Europe. The Mansions architecture was is influenced by 16th century Italy. The hotel, though added much later, compliments the original structure’s design.
The Mansion on Turtle Creek offers many ways to customize your wedding day. Each location offers plenty of room for creative interpretation and design. The available venues include:

The Mansion Lawn

The manicured Mansion Lawn is the place for a large outdoor ceremony or reception. Like much of the grounds, it features Italian-inspired motifs. Because the Texas weather is serious, the lawn can also accommodate a tent.

The Pavilion Ballroom

The Pavilion Ballroom provides a glamorous indoor option for couples. It’s a smaller ballroom option than some of the giants around town but the perfect size for most.

The Promenade

The Promenade is a smaller indoor space next to the ballroom. A window lined wall lets in natural light. The room is perfect for a rehearsal dinner or post ceremony cocktail hour. It also provides an intimate setting for an indoor ceremony (160 person) or reception (130).

The Mansion Garden

The Mansion Garden is a private outdoor area surrounded by peach stucco walls. Capacity for a ceremony is only 60 (80 for reception). It’s a fantastic option for an elopement with close family and friends.

The Sheppard King Room

The Sheppard King Room is a charming option for a smaller affair. It’s named after the estates original owner. It feels more like a historic residence and opens onto a second-story terrace.




The Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Arts District

The Dallas Museum of Art is a beautiful setting for elegant, artistic events.  The downtown Dallas landmark is one of the largest art museums in the country.  It’s located right across the street from The Nasher in the Arts District.  The building is a minimal, modern design but its biggest draw is the large outdoor spaces.  Chief among them is the amazing sculpture garden.
Aerial view of Dallas Museum of Art

The DMA Sculpture Garden

The Dallas Museum of Art’s Sculpture Garden is one of my absolute favorite locations.  It’s a perfect mix of urban and natural elements.  The garden is ideal for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, and seated receptions.  It’s home to elegant sculptures set among a mix of trees, concrete, and water features.  The entire gardens enclosed.  You can just see the surrounding skyscrapers peaking over the top.  It gives visitors the feel of an urban oasis.

If the Texas heat is happens to be a guest, you’ll probably want to move things inside for your reception.
Dallas Museum of art sculpture outdoor facade

Hamon Atrium

The Hamon Atrium is a magnificent space for a reception. It features large windows, high ceilings, and a very grand staircase. A colorful grouping of glass art by Chihuly accentuates the white atrium. It’s a wonderful canvas on which to paint your vision.



The Joule

Downtown Dallas, Texas

The Joule Hotel is one of downtown Dallas’ signature destinations.  The hotel is best known for its trendy elegance and eye catching pool that hangs ten floors over the street below.  The building itself is one of the most beautiful in the city.  It’s a revitalized neolithic landmark, built in nineteen twenty seven.
Gothic high rise in downtown dallas Joule hotel
The Joule offers a customizable approach for the entire wedding experience.  Rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, ceremony, reception, and lodging… Every moment of your special day in one place.  The hotel can cover catering as well. It’s know for award winning food and drinks.
There are lots of options for couples getting married at the Joule Hotel.  Many use the venue for its reception space, and have their ceremony off site.  It can be a great option, though there are ceremony spaces worth looking at as well.  My favorite ceremony option is to go across the street and use the park across Main Street.  With the ability to put up a tent, the park can even be utilized as a reception area as well.

Personalize your day at one of these Dallas Wedding Venues

The best Dallas – Fort Worth wedding venues are all places that let you make your own mark.  Personalizing your wedding day is so important and something I put a lot of emphasis on in my own work.  I take the time to get to know what makes you unique as a couple.  That way, I can tell your story in the most authentic way possible.  Wedding day cliche’s and trends come and go.  By making your wedding personal and distinct, you will have a story that is timeless and full of life.  

I’d love to be the one to tell that story.  Please take a moment to learn more about me and my philosophy as a destination and Dallas wedding photographer. Then get in touch!


The 10 Best Dallas – Fort Woth Wedding Venues:

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