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Allday Events

Chloe Allday is one of my very favorite wedding planners in Dallas.  She is fantastic at keeping a wedding running smoothly.  Somehow, Chloe does this without being intrusive or overbearing.  It’s great for the couple and for creatives like me.  She wants to set the wedding vendors up for success.  That way everybody wins (especially her clients).  This is all part of how Chloe cares for her couples. I asked Chloe to talk a little about Allday Events and her approach to weddings.

Wedding planner Chloe Allday Events Helping Bride with dress dallas


Tell us about yourself and Allday Event’s story?

I am originally from England, I moved to Texas when I was 10 (talk about a culture shock!) I moved with my parents but my entire family is still there and we visit often. I began my career in Fashion Show Production and loved it! It was so exciting and crazy, so many great people with fantastic ideas. I was surrounded by creativity and loved it. I moved to the wedding Industry in 2008 not thinking that it would turn in to a career but I fell in love! I love working with so many different people, every day is different. It’s hard work but so satisfying. When a wedding is perfect, it’s the best feeling that I have been a part of someone’s special day.

What does Allday Events specialize in?

I offer all levels of service but tend to focus on the Premium Market in DFW. 

How did Allday Events get started?

I moved back to Texas after living in NYC for 18 months, the economy had crashed and my job was no more! I had decorated wedding cakes during college (to support my art degree). I felt that the wedding industry could be a good fit for my skill sets. I opened a D Weddings magazine and emailed the 5 planners that I liked the best. One hired me and, as they say, the rest is history! 

You are more than a planner, you design amazing events. How did you develop those skills and begin to apply them to weddings?

As I have mentioned my professional background is in Fashion Shows. It’s a high paced, high-stress environment. There are lots of details, logistics, and big personalities. I had a fantastic mentor that taught me a lot. Through lots of trial-and-error, I developed a skill set that works great for weddings. 

Who are Allday Events ideal clients? 

I love to have different clients from different backgrounds. I guess the common thread would be my favorite clients always manage to keep perspective. The Wedding is important but it is the marriage that is the focus. It’s easy to get lost in the details, and get caught up in the stress. If you can maintain focus on what it’s truly about, you will have a great time. That and being humble and gracious, treating all vendors with respect, that goes a long way with me! 
Adolphus Hotel wedding reception dancing Allday Events

How does Allday Events approach the planning process with their clients?

I break the planning process down into digestible chunks, that we tackle separately. It can get very overwhelming when you try to look at ALL the things that have to get done at once. 

How do you incorporate a couple’s personality into your work? 

I love to find ways to bring in the couple’s personalities, things that are important to them. That’s what makes an event unique. I also understand the importance of working with creative talented vendors. I’m not an event designer. I have ideas and can offer guidance. For the real unique, out-of-the-box ideas, I defer to the professionals! 

Is there one thing you enjoy most about weddings?

Most of the time it’s the moment before she walks down the aisle. I always tear up from overwhelming joy (I am a sappy romantic at heart). 

Are there any current trends you love or don’t like? Why? 

The DIY movement – it gave brides a very unrealistic idea of what they could achieve and handle on the wedding day. 
Adolphus Hotel wedding reception decor blue red floral Allday Events 

What is your favorite style of wedding to work on? 

I don’t have one but I am not a super outdoorsy person, so I do prefer to be inside. 

Is there something you would love to do that you haven’t yet?

 I’ve always wanted to work closer with other vendors to get a better idea of what they need on the event day. One of my goals is always to set the entire vendor team up for success. 

Is being a wedding planner in Texas/DFW different from other parts of the world? 

I’ve never planned in any other countries, but I do know that most countries dont have weddings like ours. Most cities in the United States do not have weddings like we do here in DFW. Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? 

What are some of your favorite venues to plan for in the Dallas area?

I prefer to be in a city, for ease of logistics. Most of my favorite venues are the ones with history and personality. The Adolphus, Crescent Court, The Nasher, The Warwick Melrose, Arlington Hall. They all have fantastic staff that make my job much easier! 
ceremony altar 19th floor ballroom adolphus hotel wedding Allday Events

Any venue/location your dying to design for (TX or elsewhere)? 

No, my focus is much more on the type of client I have than where they are getting married. 

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life. I know I am not saving the world or curing cancer. However, I take a huge amount of pride and joy from knowing I made someone’s wedding better than it would have been! 

What is the most challenging part?

Working with unrealistic clients or non-professional vendors. 

What is the biggest misconception people have about hiring a wedding planner?

That planners are here to make decisions for them. I believe that I am here to match my clients with the best vendors for them based on budget, style, and personality. It is not my job to make the final decision on anything. I can give my opinion and let them know why one choice might be better than the other. Ultimately, it is not my wedding it’s theirs. They have to make their own decisions and own them. 
I also hear all the time that my clients didn’t realize all that I did for them on their wedding day. It’s hard for even me to explain all the things that I will do because most of it’s done in the moment. 

What are things couples should look for when researching a wedding planner?

Any planner that tells you nothing will go wrong is lying. Even with the best, most thorough planning. Things always happen on event day that we can not plan for. That’s why everyone needs to have an experienced, professional planner. Someone who can stay calm and make decisions on the fly

Any other tips for brides on how to best enjoy their wedding day? 

Try not to get lost in the small details. Keep perspective on what’s important. 
Adolphus Hotel wedding sparkler exit
Be sure to check out more of Chloe Allday’s amazing work on her Website, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, see more of Tia and Tucker’s Adolphus Hotel wedding planned by Allday Events.

Exploring new destinations with stylish couples is my favorite!  If you are thinking about having engagements or getting married, I would be thrilled to connect and tell your story.  Please learn more about me, why I’m different than other photographers, and reach out.

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